Jimmy Buffett Checks Surf in Brigantine, Goes Shopping

Before his free beach concert in Atlantic City on Saturday afternoon, Jimmy Buffett just had to check out the surf of Brigantine Beach. According to reports, Mr. Buffett quietly parked his vehicle on 10th Street, near the Root Beer Barrel surf shop. His car had 2 boards strapped to the top.

After his visit, the man behind the all new Margaritaville; in front of Resorts Casino, stopped into the Root Beer Barrel for a little shopping. One of the items Buffett purchased was a Rootbeer Barrel t-shirt. He wore that fine piece of fashion on-stage a few hours later, in front of 50,000 fans on the Atlantic City beach.

While in Brigantine, Jimmy Buffett took the time to talk to local fans, and take some pics with the owners of this popular surf shop.

jimmy buffett in brigantine

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5 thoughts on “Jimmy Buffett Checks Surf in Brigantine, Goes Shopping”

  1. Great concert! We drove over to AC from Brigantine parked our chairs there at 930 Lost some $$ and enjoyed the best concert (been to 6) Buffet concerts ever! Rumor has it he is renting a home here in Brigantine. Wonder if he will repeat a show on our new beach at the north end! To bad the Rod is closed bet he would love to hang out there!

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