Lack of Communication from Brigantine ?

Commentary from ‘Scott S’… Am I the only one who’s beyond upset about the lack of communication by Brigantine government to the homeowners about what is happening in Brigantine? I certainly realize there are many things going on right now however I feel that one of their responsibilities is to communicate to the home owners of Brigantine. There was 0 communication with Irene and there has been near 0 communication with Sandy.

The official Brigantine website is a complete joke! This must change in the future. I certainly hope it’s a long time before anything like this happens again but this can not continue!

  • from Lou Gana: Brigantine Government needs to do a better job. Total BS that we haven’t received official word on when we can return. They need to update their websites and use social media to get the word out. Very frustrating to think that they mayor can’t hold a news conference like every other shore town. I have a house on Hagen and the only info I know is from a picture I saw on 6abc of my house courtesy of my neighbor. It didn’t look to bad but not sure when the pic was taken. Any info would be great and please let us know when the ‘official’ word of when we can get on the island is announced.
  • from Gary Shea: I just spoke to a friend of mine who is a city councilman and they are having a meeting at 11AM this morning (Wednesday) in which they will most likely decide to let people back on the island this afternoon. However, many if not most areas still do not have power and the place is still a mess.