Brigantine Citizen Report 6am – Oct 31

Report from: Greg Fuller…walked on 10th st south on OCT 30, no major flood damage on 200 block of 10th south. Unfortunately 100 block saw flood damage from bay and 300 block looks to have seen flood damage from ocean. Houses are not knocked down, but a lot have water and siding damage.

Reported, but not confirmed: 100 people rescued from homes in North end of Brigantine by FD in boats after seawall breached in 2 places.
…Two structure fires and a roof collapse, mayor says.

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12 thoughts on “Brigantine Citizen Report 6am – Oct 31”

  1. Dear Greg, Thank you so much for your report. Many of us have been very worried. I live at 800 west Brigantine across from the wawa. Did you happen to walk that far? Terry

  2. Greg, thank you so much for your efforts on reporting the conditions left by the recent storm. Our home is on 10th Street South and we are glad to learn from you that it is still standing. This news “black out” from local officials is very unnerving. Thanks again for the update. I will pass this along to my fellow neighbors.

    1. Greg thanks for yor report. we are on 16th st. s. 200 block. Your update is very encourageing. please keep them coming. our hearts go out to all our Brig. neighbors.

    2. People looking for news on the status of their summer homes from authorities should understand that the City / State / Nat Guard priority is taking care of those who live full time in Brig., and have ONLY ONE home and are perhaps now rendered homeless. Anyone sitting in their primary home, warm and dry, has no right to complain about not knowing the status of their summer home. Have some compassion, and some manners, not to mention common sense.

      1. wow, Mande, we are all in this together , and certainly feel distress for those who live on the Island full time, however, we do not pay part-time taxes and as such our properties should be considered just as important as the properties of those full time residents. Perhaps understanding the needs of all the homeowners would be advantageous, since those people who are rendered homeless, might be able to live temporarily in summer homes while they repair their damage. Please have some compassion for those of us who have no idea what is going on, and are just trying our best to get some info.

  3. Greg: I’m from 702 East Beach Avenue–by any chance have you been near my house? Like others, I’m desperate for info. Is the water still flooding the streets/ Thanks!

  4. 2012-10-31 12:06:12

    200 South 24th Street Report: water stains were seen at least 2 1/2 feet above the ground on the siding. Garage at the back alley had water stains about 3 feet up the siding. Our crawl space under the house is still filled with water. Water stains reached above the “backflow” sprinkler preventer towards the front of the house, which is approximately 2 feet above the ground. Might be a total loss. Sorry for the bad news.

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