Last Call for Brigantine Rod & Reel?

Source: USA TODAY.

BRIGANTINE, N.J. — After nearly 80 years, superstorm Sandy may have finally brought last call to the Rod & Reel.

A working man’s tavern in this quiet island just north of Atlantic City, “The Rod” opened soon after the repeal of Prohibition — the original liquor license dates to 1936. It has survived countless hurricanes as well as gentrification and a down economy.

But Sandy’s flooding, which brought 2 feet of water into the old brick building early Tuesday, may have been too much for old place, whose ancient wiring and construction will almost certainly keep it shuttered until the building’s owner rebuilds. He may have to raze the structure to save it.

“It looks like there’s no amount of cleaning and minor repairs that’s going to get anything done,” said Tom Devine, 50, whose home next door also flooded, as did many in this bedroom community. “It’s suffered a few storms, but this may be the one that’s the end.”

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13 thoughts on “Last Call for Brigantine Rod & Reel?”

  1. My heart is breaking! Tom put his whole life into keeping The Rod a float for the community and all of those who visit this landmark in Brigantine! Knowing him and how hard he works… The Rod will never see a “Last Call” as long as Tom Devine is at the helm!

  2. I sure help the rebuild. When my father was alive we had many beers there and great memories, especially the bartenders. Haven’t been there since 06 when my pop visit but my sister travels there every year and orders a Bud in his memory. PLEASE RUBILD!!!

  3. Great people worked at and went to the Rod. It was Brigantine’s Cheers. Living a block away and seeing all the debris from so many homes on the streets has been heartbreaking.

    Tommy you will have a lot more help than you can imagine to get the Rod open again!

    1. Yea, I really liked working there but got a lot of shit from my sis and brother.

      They didn’t consider this a “real” job. I left shortly after this ,I believe.

      Sad to see it’s closed.

  4. They ran the place into the ground, never paid bills, and ultimately allowed it to go under. Never put a dime back into the property. Everyone that knows the truth knows that the rod was going to close, sandy or no sandy. Hopefully well get our bar back one day.

    1. This is true. I worked for Tom. I was lucky if I got paid. Back taxes are a bitch and it caught up to him. We all knew that was coming. Piss poor management.

  5. Hey Mike, if you know so much about the truth, or about bills that need to be paid,now that the bar is for sale, try to do it yourself! BIG TALKER!!!

  6. i spent my summers at the shore when i was a kid ,my dad owned property in wildwood and brigantine,I sold my house on brigantine spring of last yr because of high taxes and mantainence,i’m from Michigan.this will be my 2nd summer renting on the island.THE ISLAND NEEDS A PLACE LIKE THE ROD its small town local and a great place to hang if u don,t want to deal with the want to be guido’s at the seasonal overpriced understaffed other places on the island.PLEASE DON”T LET THEM BUILD ANOTHER 3 STORY CONDO YA CAN’T SEE THE DAMN WATER NOW.SAVE THE ROD!

  7. Loved the Rod and Reel. I did not live in Brigantine, from Philly original. But I spent a lot of time and most of my summer weekends and vacation time in Brigantine with a lot of time in the good old Rod and Reel. Too bad but it seems like something like this always happens. Nothing good ever last does it?

  8. Really J? If you worked at the rod and didn’t get paid, maybe then employees shouldn’t give the place away ? But I’m sure that wasn’t you!! Poor management,Yes seems like that, owner probably should not of been so trusting ,Every time I was there, didn’t have to pay a dime, WELL BESIDES THE TIP…..

  9. Just was trying to respond to “J” I left a message from Bean, sorry I didn’t see this before, hope you get another job, rip rod

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