Letter to Editor: Funding of Brigantine Sports Teams Violates State Law

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Financial Mismanagement Plagues Sports Teams

Letter to the editor: We thank Councilman DeLucry for highlighting how the City of Brigantine continues to illegally allocate of property-tax  revenue and other city assets to private organizations like the Brigantine Rams Football Association and the Brigantine Hockey League. Little or no accounting back to city, non-compliant financial documentation, and lack of proper non-profit status have made matters worse.

The NJ State constitution clearly says: “No donations of land and the appropriation of money by any state, county or municipal agency to and for use by any society, corporation or association shall be made.”

Funding of Brigantine Sports Teams Violates State Law

This isn’t the first time this issue has been brought to Brigantine council’s attention. It still has not been resolved. The primary duty of a governing body is to act legally and be accountable publicly for the expenditure and use of all public money and resources.

Good intentions do not take the place of legal, responsible money management.

Taxpayers who understand the necessity of resolving this issue should not be met, again, with a charge of “being negative”. Trust in government is established with its honest, transparent efforts to solve problems with everyone playing by the rules.  People are more likely to invest in a municipality when they see such positive action by the government.

Anne H. Phillips

President of Brigantine Taxpayers Asssociation

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4 thoughts on “Letter to Editor: Funding of Brigantine Sports Teams Violates State Law”

  1. Regarding the Angelo Sciarra letter about the financing of the sports teams,its pretty obvious its against state law (personal feelings aside) but upholding the law has rarely been a priority for the Republican Guenther cartel. Its merely there for their convenience

    On another note I will be circulating a petition to rename the Brigantine golf links to the Republican First Ward Country Club. Anyone interested in signing,contact Phil Guenther at City Hall

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