Letter to Editor: The Election Is Not Over

Brigantine Election

This election is not over. Candidate Joe Biden is not now President-elect although he is ignoring these facts and trying hard to convince the public that he is.

Neither the media nor the candidate’s campaign determines the results of this election. States must certify the results. None has done so. Congress has the final word.

Letter to the Editor from Anne H. Phillips.

71 million voters chose President Trump in an extremely close election. There are several automatic State recounts because of this fact. It is necessary and right for the good of our country that the result of this election be, and is perceived to be, legitimate, an honest election achieved by the rule of law.

Count all legal votes. Do not count illegal ones.

The President has the right and the duty to challenge and pursue by means of due process of the law up to and including the U. S. Supreme Court issues of questionable election numbers and ballots, the sudden cessation of counting on 11/4, and apparent violations of the law.

Why would the Democrats object to a factual, thorough investigation? Legal voters are entitled to a transparent and accountable election.

In 2000, Presidential candidate AI Gore took 37 days and a trip to the U. S. Supreme Court in his challenge to George Bush. Any fraud must not be tolerated and allowed to stand.

And looking forward to 2021 elections, let’s get rid of total, mandated unsolicited vote-by mail ballots. The pandemic will no longer be an excuse. What a tempting, huge opportunity for fraud plus an environment for inefficiency, delay and incompetence.

Solicited ballots would still be available. There would be choice. Florida’s election arrangements worked well as an example to consider.

Also, let’s clean up our voting lists.

Sincerely, Anne H. Phillips.

VIDEO: Brigantine Councilman Rick DeLucry (D) claims there is no evidence of voter fraud.

Note: Brigantine GOP & Mayor Vince Sera (R) allowed DeLucry to run un-opposed on Nov 3.

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12 thoughts on “Letter to Editor: The Election Is Not Over”

  1. This is the most laughable letter to editor I’ve seen yet. She needs to understand that it’s over. It was not an extremely close election. Anyone who wants Trump to be president needs to take a competency exam!

  2. It is a disgrace to democracy that you even publish this comment. Al Gore and George Bush had one state that determined the election and the count was within 550 votes. Donald Trump is losing by twice the margin as Hilary Clinton lost to him – also unexpected, but she conceded before the morning. There are NO creditable fraud allegations. Do yourself a favor and respect this country and our constitutional democracy. You and this president are an embarrassment.

    1. Ahhh….we see that “Krotchie-the-neighborhood-fascist”, in his own dimwitted style, is a huge supporter of the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech….just as long as you agree with his neo-Nazi ideas

      And Jamill, sadly you’re just too dumb to respond to….get back to 4th grade….your EBT card and welfare check will arrive soon

      What a pair of losers

  3. There is much credible fraud evidence that many extreme voter fraud issues occurred. The actions to decide on the credibility of the claims are now in process. That is how our Republic works.

    It would be a disgrace to Democracy if Editorials such as this were not published. The writer of the editorial, the newspaper editor and our great President are certainly not an embarrassment by any measure other than that if those who refuse to look.
    This is not the Leftist loon Media.
    PS- yaaaaayyyyy Jeff Van Drew
    God Bless President Trump
    God Bless Brigantine
    God Bless th United States of America

  4. In the words of the late, great Phil Leotardo, “lemme tell ya a couple a three things…”

    1.) The election is not over until each state certifies its ballots, which in this case, is still ongoing in some locations. The media’s purpose is not to be the arbiter of fact. On the contrary, the media’s purpose is to be the reporter of fact, something that it has perverted over the last 20 years in order to maintain its own relevance.

    2.) Donald Trump (and every other candidate, for that matter) has the right to challenge the process in court. Just because he is abrasive does not mean that he should be denied Due Process. If the shoe were on the other foot, the same people presently calling the election “complete” would be clamoring for court action.

    3.) There is no “Office of the President Elect.” Whereas there is a “President Elect” in terms of a person, there is no office of that person.

    1. Good words Joe and very true.
      The media propaganda is crazy.
      There is no president elect until the fat lady sings.

      God is still on the throne.

  5. one simple fact that there is voter fraud…300% turnout in counties in michigan? how…can you have…3 times the amount of registered voters…voting in a county? 1+1=3? sounds like this dominion system really had some fishy happenings after hours…with massive spikes of mailin ballots (dropped off in the wee hours of the morning after counts had stopped for the day) and every ballot was for biden? EVERY BALLOT? i dont understand how anyone, republican or democrat, can not want this to be double checked? unless…they think there is something to hide? this same system is used in multiple countries that have had serious election issues such as venezuela. it is your duty to confirm these counts…not by a machine, but by a good old fashioned pair of eyes and a written tally. also, why are people not required to vote, in-person, WITH IDs? this would alleviate so much doubt…instead of 300% over a registered county’s votes coming in and just being immediately added. trump is NOT a great orator, and he can fly off the handle on more than one occasion, but barring a pandemic (that everyone wants to blame him for…see europe and their struggles with it…is that his fault too?) he would have gone down as the most fiscally productive president in history. public speaking, obama. getting shit done, trump. and yes, if this went the other way, i would still want a recount…because i want assurance that this was done legitimately and securely. PERIOD.

  6. To the whole “election is not over” crowd, I am wondering if the events on Wednesday are the America you want. Nonetheless, it is certainly the America you deserve.

  7. whoever brigantiner is while i agree the violent actions that took place were shameful…are you any better with your jab and attempt to pour salt in the wounds? this is why this country is at such a divide, because those on the left refuse to budge an inch and those on the far right refuse to budge. we need to start to have a conversation about balancing things out instead of saying ‘all left is correct or all right is correct.’ once people realize there are shameful embarrassing things going on with both sides, then we can start to build a meaningful foundation. until then, comments like brigantiner’s are exactly what is wrong with this country. learn to agree to disagree, NOT CANCEL CULTURE!!!

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