Marine Mammal Stranding Center Winter Update

mmsc marine mammal stranding center
Stranded Marine Mammals

Message from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC) in Brigantine….Seals are starting to come ashore on NJ beaches to warm up and take a snooze. They don’t need food, water, blankets, hugs, or any human contact. Please stay 50 feet away and….shhhhhh…. be quiet….. so they can rest.

So far, the MMSC has seen harbor seals, but grey and harp seals can show up as well. The harbor seals were born last spring and summer, and are way past needing their mom.

Grey seals will be recently weaned pups, but again, don’t try to give them a hand….literally- you could lose a finger by trying to pet them. Ouch.

See a stranded marine mammal? Call MMSC in Brigantine. 609-266-0538. They’ll get someone down to the beach pronto… check on em’.

MMSC is the only State and federally authorized organization in New Jersey to handle stranded marine mammals. NOTE> Marine mammals are protected by federal law.

Mission > The Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC), with the privilege and responsibility of housing the only marine mammal stranding facility in New Jersey, is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of stranded or otherwise stressed marine mammals and sea turtles. Since 1975, MMSC has responded to nearly 3,500 animals across the region. The MMSC is a private, not for profit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on public support to continue its lifesaving and educational work.
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Brigantine, New Jersey

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