How Much Did Brigantine Get? Storm Recovery & Rebuild.

Presidential Comfort

While some are still rebuilding from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, Brigantine recovered quicker than most coastal towns in New Jersey.

Media coverage of a Presidential visit put a major spotlight on our island, even though the most severe storm damage took place in towns to the north.

Ever wonder where all that promised “recover & rebuild” money is going? NJ has a new website showing how the 4.5 Billion Federal dollars for Sandy recovery is being distributed.

According to The Beachcomber News: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has distributed funds directly to individuals as well as to municipalities. Brigantine, according to the posted reports, has received $4.93 million for individual assistance and $2.62 million for municipal assistance.

The city also received a 5 million Community Disaster Loan.

On April 2, 2014, the NJ Department of Community Affairs authorized $24 million grant for storm related budget issues not addressed by FEMA Community Disaster Loans.

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