Governor Murphy Under Fire for Nursing Home COVID Mis-Management

NJ Health Commissioner Persichelli & Gov Murphy

Half of the deaths from COVID-19 in New Jersey have come from the state’s nursing facilities and veterans homes. That’s according to SUSSEX COUNTY WATCHDOG.

Those deaths were the result of government decisions. Family members needlessly suffered and then died – generally alone.
Watch this ABC News Nightline piece on the victims of just one of the nursing facilities involved. 

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At about the 9:35 mark in the video, a letter appears from a managing director at Mercury, LLC, a political consulting/ lobbying/ media relations firm.

Mercury is handling “crisis management” for the owners of the nursing home where all those victims – the “blessed souls” Governor Murphy refers to at his COVID press conferences – died in horrible circumstances. They claim nothing unusual happened to cause all those deaths.

Sussex County Watchdog is committed to citizen journalism with a local, independent-minded perspective. We seek to provide a layer of scrutiny of politics and government that we find lacking in corporate journalism.

FROM NJ105: On March 31, NJ Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli issued a directive to long-term facilities that required them to accept residents discharged from hospitals. It said nursing homes couldn’t deny a person admission or readmission solely based on a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 and couldn’t test them for the virus. The directive was similar to one New York had issued.

Read More: NJ Senate plans hearing on COVID-19 ‘disaster’ at nursing homes 

New Jersey leads the nation in deaths per capita at nursing homes right now for many reasons, but poor planning and communication and questionable policies likely exacerbated the misery for thousands of families. Read more at

PA Health Director, Dr. Levine.

Governors under scrutiny for their mishandling of COVID & nursing homes:

  • Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey’s Phil Murphy
  • Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer
  • California’s Gavin Newsome
  • NY’s Andrew Cuomo

Video from CBS LOCAL 21 TV

Public comment: Nursing homes were ordered by their governors to accept Covid-19 patients from hospitals, including facilities without adequate space to isolate patients and without the proper ppe.

Given that nursing homes contain the population most vulnerable to the disease and most likely to die from complications, it’s surprising their weren’t even more deaths.

Nursing Home & Economic Tragedy. Watch video from BLUE COLLAR LOGIC:


Washington Post coverage of impact on U.S. nursing homes and facilities that care for elderly:

Continued bans on nursing home visitors are unhealthy and unethical

More than 30,000 nursing home residents have died as covid-19 has swept through the nation. Advocates and families say more should have been done to limit the death toll.

Nursing home and assisted-living residents share what life has been like since the pandemic began.

Immunity laws in many states shield nursing homes from covid-19 liability

Major nursing home chain violated federal standards meant to stop spread of disease even after start of covid-19, records show

California nursing homes are examples of how cruel the coronavirus pandemic can be

A behind-the-scenes battle raged between top Murphy aides over $500K contract as nursing home deaths mounted. READ MORE at

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