Brigantine City Council Passes Resolution to Help Prevent Voter Fraud

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On July 22, Brigantine City Council passed a resolution opposing the NJ Governor’s plan for a complete vote-by-mail election this November. See Video.

RESOLUTION: The majority of Brigantine City Council believes that every voter should be able to choose for themselves whether they vote by mail or in person. It’s important for our state leaders to protect our voting rights and to ensure the legitimacy of this election.

Brigantine Councilman Rick DeLucry (D) was the lone NO vote.

Discussion points: Voter fraud more likely when mail-in ballots & vote-by-mail becomes the norm.

Brigantine Councilman Mike Riordan (R): People getting incorrect ballots. We oppose a full, ‘vote by mail’ election for Nov 2020. Too many reports of irregularities of ‘vote by mail’.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Casting a vote in person has same risk as grabbing a cup of coffee at WAWA.

Councilman Delucry (D) claims we can’t get people to work at polling places. ‘Should we have people take a health risk to go and vote in person?’

This resolution is misguided.

Councilman DeLucry

DeLucry doesn’t believe there’s any real threat of voter fraud. Are there cases of voter fraud? ‘There’s next to none, it’s a straw-man says DeLucry. ‘It’s not an issue. Let’s not kid ourselves. People will be disenfranchised. We can’t guarantee safety.’

Click to see examples of NJ VOTER FRAUD.

Note: Atlantic City Council President Marty Small was twice charged with voter fraud by tampering with mail-in ballots. Former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian alleged that a voter fraud scheme involving absentee ballots and dead voters was run against him on behalf of his Democratic opponent. Read More >

Note: Two ballots signed by Craig Callaway to be investigated.

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy (D) now using self-granted, emergency powers. He can ignore NJ lawmakers.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Voting in person much safer than marching with 200 yelling protesters and then kneeling side by side during a misguided, Brigantine BLM march.

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6 thoughts on “Brigantine City Council Passes Resolution to Help Prevent Voter Fraud”

  1. Very disappointing. Another headline meant to sway the readers. It could just as well have read “Brigantine City Counsel Passes Resolution to Help Suppress Voting.”

  2. Tell Delucry my mail in ballot was returned unopened and my wife was rejected for signature problems. Tell him his democrat buddiesdid a great job for the party

  3. Republicans are drinking the Trump koolaid about massive voter fraud with mail ballots. Really they just want to make it difficult to vote during a pandemic as they see Trump’s numbers decline.

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