North End Brigantine Beach Fill Operation Update 6/23/23

The City of Brigantine will open north end beaches as conditions allow. Beach access, tides and beach replenishment operations will determine which beaches will be open.

Beach Mats and Trash Receptacles.

In many areas, the ocean reaches the dunes at high tide. This causes beach mats and trash cans to be swept out to sea. Please be aware that beach mats and trash cans will not be placed on beaches from Roosevelt Blvd, northward, to I5th Street North.

Beach Access Paths:

  • Roosevelt Blvd – Path is open. ADA mat not in place.
  • 2nd Street North – Path is open.
  • 3rd and 4th Street North – Paths are closed.
  • 5th, 6th, 7th St North – Paths open, beaches inaccessible at high tide.
  • 8th Street North – Path is closed.
  • 9th and 10th Street North – Paths open.
  • 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th street North – Paths open at low tide, beach inaccessible at high tide.
  • 15th Street North – Ramp closed, following damage sustained during recent high tide.

Beach Patrol Operations.

The following Brigantine beaches will be guarded as conditions allow:

  • Roosevelt Blvd
  • 5th Street North
  • 10th Street North

Beaches may be closed at any time if deemed unsafe to operate. Swimming permitted at guarded beaches only.

Lifeguards on duty daily, 10 a to 5:30 p.

Beach Fill Project.

The beach fill project will begin dredging on or about July 22, 2023. The project area will begin north of the sea wall (15th Street North).

The north end 4×4 beaches will be closed while work is taking place. The 4×4 beaches will be opened once the contractor moves south, and gives approval that it is safe to reopen that beach.

Work area will move from north to south, spanning approximately four blocks, at any one time.

Once a northern beach has been completed and the work zone moves toward the south, beaches will reopen as soon as it is determined to be safe.

The north end access road may be closed from time to time during the project, when equipment is being moved.

Please note that this information may change at any time, due to unforeseen circumstances.

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