Thank you from Defend Brigantine beach

defend brigantine beach
Defend Brigantine Beach. Pic: Rose Solazzo.

Dear Brigantine Citizens: The Board and Members of Defend Brigantine Beach Inc. would like to thank everyone who attended or supported our fundraiser on July 15.

Thank you, all Brigantine citizens—you made a clear statement that you say NO! to offshore wind!

We were also happy to have many residents of other beach communities attend; we had guests representing Atlantic City, Margate, Ventnor, Ocean City, Somers Point, Wildwood, Pt. Pleasant, Belmar NJ.

Defend Brigantine Beach
Pic: Rose Solazzo.

The support of residents of all of these surrounding towns speaks volumes about just how many NJ coastal citizens want to prevent our coast from being industrialized.

Thank you to Commander Mario Perucci and Brigantine VFW Post 6964 staff for being our hosts. You provided a warm and welcoming venue inside and out.

Thank you to VFW Chef Big Joe for the excellent food you made, thanks to the Pub at St Georges for the wings, and thank you and to local bakers Mark Eulie, Cindy Pekarick, and Suzanne Moore for your very generous dessert donations.

Thank you to the band Odyssea for donating your talents for our event, and thank you Rose Solazzo Doring, Lisa Daidone, and Mike Bauerle for your photos and video footage.

We also thank ocean advocate Mike Dean and Dr Bob Stern, President of Save LBI, Inc. for being some
of our speakers.

Thank you also to the many businesses in town that donated raffle baskets and prizes to our event and thank you also to various Brigantine Farmers’ Market vendors, as well as other merchants in Smithville and Atlantic City who also donated to the basket auction.

Katie Finnegan, President
Defend Brigantine Beach

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6 thoughts on “Thank you from Defend Brigantine beach”

  1. Alexander M Kupczyn

    Gonna be a tuff battle with the wind mills. Our beloved governor has a lot of money (personal money) into to this project!

  2. I’ve been reading this site for several years now. It’s a shame you have chosen to feature one-sided stories that are just biased hype. Can you either present both sides of a story, or do some basic fact-checking? Then let your readers decide.

    Can you please publish the citations to the studies that the wind turbines are killing sealife? Are all these people marine biologists?

    I did notice that there’s a bunch of PACs set up to solicit donations from people. I guess if you repeat something enough times, people will believe it and even send you their money. (Gee, that sounds familiar.)

    I’m so disappointed that this site has turned into this.

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