Reader Feedback: New Brigantine Dog Park

BrigantineNOW reader; Martha J. Harris, says: I never realized how many former used car salesmen we have running our city government. This can be the only reason for yet another bait and switch foist upon the dog owners of Brigantine.

The fenced in area is not as wide as the “temporary area” on the Northend beach. It does NOT run from 42nd to 44th streets. Yes, you can walk there from those two streets (unless you’re one of our members with disabilities).

I can’t speak for everyone, but I, and my parents before me (and grandparents before them) have been taxpayers here for well over 60 years…probably as long as there have been taxes to pay in Brigantine. My taxes pay for the school system (don’t use) the football fields, baseball field tennis courts, bocce courts skateboard park and playgrounds. I don’t use them either.

All I ask is a Dog Park.

Perhaps, and I can only hope, the city is playing some huge joke on us, marking off the area they have. Maybe this is to be the area for small dogs. I know the sliver of land that is marked off would only be a joke to the new people the city hopes to attract, let alone any new people that Mr. Weiss would hope to have attend the “Grand Opening” Mr. Morgan had pointed out a much wider area, I remember being told at one of the endless meetings that the walking path could be moved over….but NO.

It is a shame that Brigantine’s Realtors will not be able to use the Dog Park as a selling point, showing how friendly Brigantine is to dogs…It is a disgrace…more it is a joke! A tragic joke to all of us who actually believed our city council actually was going to do something really good for us.

Since this new park is so truly horrendous, I can only hope that the city will keep open the North end dog run so that at least in the good weather they will have some decent space to run and play.

And the “Bricks for the Brick Path…I was going to buy 2 – 1 in memory of former dog and one for Ellie, my current do. However, this “path” is not worth $200 to me. It would take even more space from the dogs.

I am truly disappointed.

Martha J Harris

102 20th Street South, Brigantine

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4 thoughts on “Reader Feedback: New Brigantine Dog Park”

  1. Who needs a dog park? The beach, particularly around 4th Street South, is a year round dog park in spite of ordinances totally restricting dogs from May 30th thru September 30th, and only allowing them on leashes the rest of the year. Owners constantly disregard the law and the police seem to care less. Police have driven right past people with their dogs loose on the beach throughout the year. Call to complain and get an attitude from certain dispatchers. Nobody should complain about dogs. It’s not the dogs but the their uncaring, law breaking owners.

    1. I am equally frustrated! We need a decent site for our dogs to run free…how disappointing is it that after months of discussion and taking up town hall meeting time,that we were given this? We had about 10,000 sq ft at the old dog park, 8400 sq ft on the dog park at the beach and despite getting bit by green heads, black flies and gnats we were optimistic about the future park ..Now they are giving us less than 6000 sq feet and asking for donations! (please understand that many of us accepted the fact that No city money was going to build the park and were willing to pound the pavement for additional contributions) but Several “factions” ( not our terminology but the City’s) were Invited to meet to discuss the park SEPARATELY and I personally solicited input from about 26 dog park users. We were asked to meet separately and we assumed our point of view would be represented the next day. What a travesty! Our views which represented over 20 users were not ever considered. Personally, I appreciate what Ron Weiss has done but will take back my brick donation money and give it to a friend on the island to put up a fence which will give our pack/ dogs more place to run. This City lacks transparency as we were not updated on the park…now we know why, they misled us and we were foolish to think that separate meetings held by the City Management were in the up and up. Next election time, I will campaign for change and transparency and communication!

  2. YEAH I just rode by the new dog park and they are putting the permanent fencing up. It won’t be long before Bentley and his friends will be running free again. Thank you to all that are making this happen.

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