Real Estate Trends in Brigantine JAN 2013

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Mark Carrier

From the Real Estate office of The Mark Carrier Group. The volume of sales on Brigantine Beach is increasing. There were over 300 transactions in 2012, which is a healthy improvement of 16% over 2011. A “normal” market in Brigantine is 450-475 transactions. Our lowest point in the down cycle was in 2009 when we had just 220 transactions.

The number of properties for sale is decreasing. During the latter half of 2005, the inventory of properties for sale rose to 900 and has been slowly and steadily decreasing. As of this writing, there are 450 properties for sale.

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The median sale price is rising. The median sale price is currently $290,000, which is a 3% increase over last year. As sales volume increases in the spring we will undoubtedly see price pressure follow and the median should continue to rise. So, sales are up, inventory is down and the median price is trending upward – All GOOD News!

Many have asked us about property values. We’ll most likely be able to provide detailed information at the end of the first quarter of 2012 as potential buyers respond to offered prices. Stay tuned for valuable market information from the Mark Carrier Group and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns you may have regarding your Brigantine property.

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