Recent BRIGANTINE Real Estate Transactions

Recent BRIGANTINE Real Estate Transactions…..(sponsored by Maria Underwood from Remax Carrier. Call 609-226-5265)

4901 Harbor Beach Blvd. #H-9, Padela, Sohail, Padela, Aneela to Seibert Family LLC; 7/24/2013. $90,000

4901 Harbor Beach Blvd., Unit P7, Padela, Sohail, Padela, Aneela Sohail to Seibert Family LLC; 7/24/2013. $60,000

330 42nd St., Keller, Steven S., Keller, Barbara M. to Rose, Anne M., Rose, Sherri A.; 7/24/2013. $160,000

312 35th St. South, Tully, Sean, Tully, Tara to Barry, Colin C., Barry, Jennifer G.; 7/24/2013. $325,000

19 18th St., Harding, Susan to Scullin, Thomas F., Scullin, Janet; 7/24/2013. $450,000

4600 W. Brigantine Ave. #115, Rajnic, Stephen A., Rajnic, Margaret Ann to Baumann, Lisa L.; 7/25/2013. $150,000

5002 Harbor Beach Blvd., Leichter, Allen R., Leichter, Shari to Cox, Thomas M., Cox, Roberta J.; 7/25/2013. $740,000

4409 Harbor Beach Blvd., Thoms, William, Thoms, Kay A. to Fowler, James R., Fowler, Shirley M.; 7/25/2013. $340,000

119 11th St. South, Coleman, Herbert L., Coleman, Delia G. to Washart, Diana L.; 7/26/2013. $180,000

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