Signatures filed for Vote on Brigantine Government Change.

From Beachcomber News: A petition by the group Respectable Government for Brigantine, submitted Sept. 5 to City Clerk Lynn Sweeney, has made signatures a heated topic of conversation on the island recently.

The petition, if certified by the city clerk, would allow registered voters to vote on a referendum to change the city’s form of government in November, replacing the mayor and council with three commissioners.

“We have had an overwhelming response to our petition,” said Vince Sera, vice-president of Respectable Government for Brigantine. “In a little under five weeks, we were able to collect just over 1,400 signatures. Normally in a town as small as Brigantine, it would take six or seven months to collect this many signatures. We needed 1,382 signatures in order for us to get the question on the ballot.”



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