Seth Grossman Talks Christie, Brigantine, Taxes

Seth Grossman ran against Governor Christie in the NJ primary.

Seth called into BrigantineNOW Radio. The well-known local attorney talks about Obama & Christie, Brigantine voters rights, home values along the shore, Hurricane Sandy, city unions, Brigantine tax hikes, ‘pay to play’ and more… Here’s audio from the interview we did on June 2, 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Seth Grossman Talks Christie, Brigantine, Taxes”

  1. This was both an insightful and informative interview highlighting the inequity in representation and taxation which occurs at seaside communities such as Brigantine. The information should provide some impetus for homeowners to perhaps attend township meetings and address the issues such as inflated salaries and benefits which are supported by excessive tax hikes.
    I do take exception to Mr. Grossman’s statement that Sandy was hyped up and that Brigantine didn’t sustain excessive and heartbreaking damage. I have met many people who were displaced in Aflamtic City And Brigantine and still have not recovered . Mr Grossman is insensitive to the plight suffered by many residents of our beautiful community .

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