VIDEO: Shark Park Playground Make-Over…Moves Forward

Talk of upgrading Shark Park playground in Brigantine made some nice inroads during the City Council meeting on Wednesday night, April 16. Click to watch video.

Built in 1999, the park needs some TLC & upgrades in order to keep it compliant with current safety standards. A make-over would make it much more attractive to both residents and visitors as well.

Well on the road to becoming a semi-vandalized hang-out for bored teens, the park’s swings, picnic tables and other activities have been on the decline for years. Recently, readers of BrigantineNOW stepped up. They posted some questions asking why the city is letting this unique and rare attraction slip. Sensing an angry groundswell of grass roots concern, members of City Council quickly renewed their interest in this overlooked parcel of fun.

The basic structure of Shark Park was well designed, engineered & constructed. Over time, portions of the playground didn’t pass safety codes, forcing the city to block off some areas.

See playground safety guideline here:

Comments about the Shark Park playground included discussion of $150,000 that was set aside to potentially fix, clean, repair & replace, add-on….?

In an effort to avoid getting bogged down by bloated commissions, committees & conflicting group efforts…… the Mayor mentioned that Vince Sera will be the key point of contact between the community & the city. Sera; a beach patrol vet, along with his two year old daughter, have plenty of first-hand experience with the park. Good choice.

Public Works Chief; John Doring, is the point person for the city. Doring & city engineer Ed Stinson will meet with the well-respected consultant group: “Playgrounds by Leathers”. $1,100 has been ok’d for an initial Leathers consultation fee.

The Brigantine SAVE SHARK PARK  page is where volunteers have been registering to help & donate. All volunteer info is sent to Mr. Sera & the Mayor on a regular basis. Want to help or donate? Sign up now and join this list of those who want to SAVE SHARK PARK.

  • Chad Minnes & Son of Lacey Cleaning
  • Brigantine Police, PBA
  • John E Livezey
  • Judy Schwartz
  • Robert Polillo
  • Jeanne DiCecco
  • Johanne Milnes of Brigantine Garden Club
  • Barbara McGuire
  • John ODonnell
  • Mike Hughes
  • Jack Austin
  • St Thomas Youth Group
  • Lisa LaSorsa
  • John Mugford
  • Lisa Jost
  • Greg Fuller
  • Linda Morris
  • Donna Danenhower
  • Jason Terruso
  • Michael Bourgoin
  • Paul Amalfitano
  • Brad Clarke
  • Eric Matuzsan
  • Nicole Tunis
  • Heidi Devine

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