Short-Term Rental Arbitrage in Brigantine?

Out of Control Short-Term Rental Chaos in Brigantine.

No Rules. No Enforcement. Mayor Sera and City Manager Platt #Fail.

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2 thoughts on “Short-Term Rental Arbitrage in Brigantine?”

  1. These idiotic videos and articles trying to vilify all STRs clearly demonstrate that the folks posting have no clue what they are talking about. Make an example of the bad actors (which is likely a minuscule number of landlords) and everyone else will continue to operate their STR as a business respectfully. These articles and videos just dramatize the situation to make it sound like it’s so dire and every Airbnb is having ragers until 5am every night. People just want something to complain about, but I bet nobody is complaining about those higher property values and more money flooding into brigantine!

  2. Joe Local Citizen

    Miss Sullivan’s letter sure has A LOT of “OUR’s” in there. The island, restaurants, businesses and churches are not owned by you ma’am. If folks own a home and wish to rent it out short term, that’s on them and should be no one else’s business. However, maybe the city should implement some type of rules for renting out homes to make sure they don’t become a nuisance, like having the renter sign an agreement which includes: no loud parties, no more then 4 vehicles per home, a quiet time curfew, etc. If any renter allows their home to become a nuisance and breaks the rules, then they’ll lose their privilege to rent their home for a period of time after the 2nd-3rd offense, and any further incidents could lead to a ban. Banning folks renting their personal property isn’t right, but they should be held accountable for who they rent them too and for what reason. A family coming down to enjoy the ocean and restaurants is fine, partying and treating the area like a college party is not.

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