Thank You BrigantineNOW

  • Heather Buzby
    • Thank you so much for all of your updates. Through picture comments on this page, I found a total stranger who was willing to walk over and check on a friend’s grandmother’s house. This total stranger called me with a detailed status update on the house and my friend’s 81 year old grandmother now feels SO much better knowing that she has a home, with minimal damage, to return to! Without your page, she would still be in a great state of worry and stress.

      Keep up all the updates! They help more than I think you know!

  • Brigantine Now

    about an hour ago

    Brigantine Now

    • that’s awesome. so happy to hear!

  • Heather Buzby

    about an hour ago

    Heather Buzby

    • Those strangers just texted again to say they had the fire department check out the house because of a running water sound… just a water line and everything is fine.

      Seriously, this page has been such a blessing tonight!


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2 thoughts on “Thank You BrigantineNOW”

  1. I am in Florida and have no clue as to the condition of my mothers house. Was there a lot of water in the A zone? How did the market fair? Did they get water inside?

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