The Business of Brigantine Beach. Tax Ratables and Green Head Politics.

Councilman Vince Sera said it best: Brigantine’s biggest economic driver isn’t summer tourism, it’s ratables. It’s all the new, tax monies coming from second homeowners building bigger houses in Brigantine.

Growing Property Tax Ratables. The Primary Business of Brigantine Beach, NJ.

  • Brigantine Auto & Marine harassed by politically connected developer. Forced to move away from prime business location.
  • Macedonian Grill. Allegedly refused to contribute to certain political & business organizations. Boycott of eatery forced restaurant to close.
  • Sacco Subs forced off island. Shuttered ice cream shop (Dairy Queen) sat empty for years. Sitting Brigantine councilman owned competing sandwich & ice cream shops on the Island
  • Surf Shop forced to endure unending delays before finally opening. City Hall accused of protecting competing business.
  • Fish-Finder marina survived nasty attacks by politically connected developer looking to close him down.
  • Marinas & bait shops harassed by politically connected developers looking to build more McMansions.
  • Small business competing with public employees with plenty of spare time & money to start side-businesses on island.
  • Shrinking Brigantine School district tapping 2nd homeowner taxes. Creation of more public union jobs, hire more employees.
  • After 27 years, recent & questionable pre-ed Brigantine school district move, forcing popular Sea Tots out of business.
  • Financials and business model of ‘Links at Brigantine Golf’ course still hidden and misunderstood by taxpayers.


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