Pics> Illegal Wedding Reception on Beach Angers Brigantine Business & Residents

Brigantine Beach Beach Bar
Alcohol-Fueled Beach Party Courtesy of Brigantine Mayor Guenther

Open bar on Brigantine Beach? Yes. It made this wedding party very happy on Sept 19. It also provided for a very low cost wedding day since they didn’t have to pay for a catering hall. On the other hand, Brigantine restaurants, bars, and those who provide catering / food services are not happy about this. Neither are residents that live in the cove beach area.

On Sun, Sept 18, 2016….the ‘Cove’ beach area featured a 5-hour open bar with whiskey, beer & wines. The wedding reception was held in this beautiful spot. Even an employee of ACIT was in the house. (Atlantic County Institute of Technology)…. which is run by Mayor Phil Guenther. This ACIT employee is also a local lifeguard that knows alcohol is never allowed on Brigantine Beach.

Drinking on the beach is not legal in Brigantine, even though some quietly imbibe via red cups, especially at The Cove. In this case, a full bar and party tents were erected with the tacit approval & endorsement of Mayor Guenther, Councilman Simpson & City Manager Stinson.

Permits were not issued for a reception or open bar on Brigantine Beach. They’re both illegal. A permit WAS issued for a wedding ceremony only.

Illegal drinking on the beach is potentially dangerous issue. Drunk driving is more likely since the cove is mainly a ‘drive-on’ 4×4 beach.

Shuttle service was provided to guests that parked through-out the residential area, near the cove entrance. A 4×4 shuttle took guests to the reception. Kara Catering of Cape May handled the food. They used NO PARKING areas for their vehicles. Professional open bar, bartender services, & DJ were also on hand.

This mis-use of city & state assets is another striking example of why very few entrepreneurs want to start a business in Brigantine, and why property values are so low.

This 5 hour wedding reception could have spent money….and supported local business in Brigantine… and rented party rooms….and catering / food services from.. Cellar 32, Macedonian Grill, Elks, THE COVE, Andre’s, Crab Shack, Bella Luna, Pirates Den, Laguna Grill, Yianni’s…etc. But no.

No taxes paid. No permits. No liquor license. No electric bill. No hall rental fees. No clean-up duty. Trash was left behind for Dept of Public Works to deal with. Reach out to John Doring for pictures.

Hey locals: feel free to vote for all the Guenther endorsed candidates this Nov 8….and watch as your property values stay stuck in the mud.

Hey 2nd home owners: time to hire an attorney to represent YOUR rights as taxpayers. The opposition party to Guenther’s Greenhead political party (McClay & Withers) are certifiably useless.

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The wedding party at the Cove on Sunday was a disgraceful action on the part of the administration. It clearly shows a glaring example of how little they actually think of the town, the businesses and the citizens that they claim to represent.

I saw the tents as I drove over the bridge. Probably with a portion of the cost paid at our expense and with our tax dollars. This is a city – not a fiefdom – and the mayor and council do not own Brigantine. Unless they passed a resolution suspending the no alcohol law for the day and can prove that it used NO city services – this was an illegal gathering.

The sign that clearly states that there is to be NO alcohol on the beach is a mere 400 yards from my front door. Where were the police and why were they not enforcing the law? Maybe we need a protest group like Brigantine Landowners Matter. With an acronym like BLM – maybe that would help. The we could protest and the national media would show up.

But here I’m serious: Isn’t the mayor potentially guilty of misappropriation of funds if city services were used to support this stuff? (Man, I REALLY did not want to type ‘stuff’…) As they say – “Enquiring minds want to know”, Brigantine Now. Get us an answer.

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21 thoughts on “Pics> Illegal Wedding Reception on Beach Angers Brigantine Business & Residents”

  1. BrigLifer, all valid points but why on earth would you bring BLM into the discussion? Are you comparing the raising of police use of force justification and accountability to a beach party with alcohol on the Cove? Don’t mix the message, it denigrates your cause.

    1. I believe the article writer was just calling attention to this Abuse of Power … and was obviously not comparing the issues…

      What was your “Take” on this matter knobbs? You usually have a reasonable response

      1. I know nothing about the request for or approval of this event and I stay away from making assumptions when I don’t know the least bit.
        I’m not sure what is called into question here? illegal drinking, permits, misappropriations, ACIT choosing against a Brig business opting the cove, “stuff”?
        Maybe some more comments would shed some more light.

      2. Before you go calling people out…get your facts straight. It was a beautiful wedding for a couple of longtime Brig locals. Stop hating on their day.

    2. My goodness, knobbs. You cannot be serious! It was an obvious attempt to poke some fun at the fact that no matter who complains, or how long folks complain, about how the city is run or how our cash outlays are controlled – no one seems to pay attention to the taxpayer or the taxpayer’s complaint. But I think that you already knew that. The ‘BLM’ reference was an attempt to show that some causes get PLENTY of attention – no matter how serious they might be. This one – not so much. To be honest, I thought it was funny and rather inventive. Sorry if it offended your sensibilities. If I had known that ANY Brigantine resident would take offense at it I never would have made it.

      I cannot speak to whether or not you speak out on issues you know nothing about – others can comment on that. I know that I’ve seen your moniker on a good many funny comments in the past. Most of them seemed to be of a sly but humorous nature so I was, and remain, somewhat taken aback by your reaction .

      My opinion, for what it is worth, is that if we cannot vote Hizzoner out of office (what is it? 25 years and counting now?) perhaps finding cause for impeachment might be a decent alternative. If laws have been broken – or even bent – (for instance: using the beach for a drinking event without benefit of appropriate permits, proof of insurance and arrangements for clean up post event, proof that NO government funds were used to promote or arrange, or God forbid, fund the event or if there were ANY violations of city regulations) then we have the right to demand answers. I kinda thought that was clear the first time. (Read the last sentence of the 2nd paragraph. I believe that you will find what you are looking for.)

      No matter, I did not see the need to ‘shed some more light’ on what might be a very serious question that I will acknowledge may have been inappropriately wrapped in a joking allusion to BLM. And once again, my apologies for offending you. So… what steps should we take?

      1. You didn’t offend me or my sensibilities. I just didn’t (and still don’t) understand the connection to BLM, nor do I think this event compares to unjustifiable killing. My point was don’t blur the message with unrelated divisive issues, if you’re truly concerned. Honestly, not that is makes it okay, but of all the crooked shady BRIG business that goes on, this on a scale 1 – 10, is a 3. Just my opinion.
        Princess above claims this was a wedding. ??
        How to find out what exactly was going on, call or write a letter to ACIT.
        Ask the Czar/Mayor/Superintendent/Chairmen himself.

  2. I dont understand why anyone is surprised by this. As I have said before,the GOP in Brigantine constantly breaks laws and is never held responsible. Watch as the 1st ward reelects him again.
    The law is just a convenience tool for this administration.

  3. Another whiney complaint. No actual damages or problems just someone being unnecessarily aware of every little rule in order to hassle people/place they don’t like. No one was hurt. Stop crying.

  4. Not “whiny” or “crying” but this does set a precedent. Now anyone who chooses to have their event on the beach has the same right given these people, including serving alcohol.

  5. Taxpayer for over 30 years

    This event was from 6pm until 10pm. There was a catering truck parked in a disabled parking spot the entire time. Apparently other cars parked in a no parking area. The blatant disrespect for laws on top of an illegal party with a fire, alcohol, glass bottles of beer, no porta potties etc should be addressed. Where and who was patrolling or not patrolling that area.? Five hours and the cops saw nothing.??

  6. No matter that the couple were “life-long” residents of the island, laws were bent by the mayor and the police chief to the extent that the laws were broken.. As C. Munson stated this IS setting precedent. Our taxes are used for the “chosen few” on this island’s whims. Everyone knows that the police turn their backs on the shady happenings at the cove beach and Brigantine is known for that party beach. Why can’t it be known for a golf course owned by Jaworski, a beautiful, quiet beach town instead of a drinking, corrupt island?
    It is time for citizens to impeach. Anne Phillips has been preaching this for years but just gets knocked down. Support her and those that want to clean out city hall.

  7. Can’t wait to throw my 50th birthday bash at the Cove next year. Have an awesome portable bar as well. Just beer and wine. No pig, burgers and dogs. Clothing optional.

  8. Dear “Turning 50”— YAY! Send me an Invite (I guess you “know the Mayor”- LOL) . I guess I’ll schedule my 65th Bday/ Retirement Celebration.(perhaps the Mayor – and the “Corruptables” will RETIRE along with me)…

    All kidding aside,… The Cove is NOT approved for alcohol consumption. IF the Police focus and ticket on THAT issue – they can generate some income and the Cove “occupation” will decrease accordingly.

    I feel bad for the Taxpayers that own property near there. Apparently, Mayor & Simpson aren’t residing near this location.

  9. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about property values being low in Brigantine. I’ve rented here for 20 years. I can’t afford to buy a property on this island. I’ll go a few miles inland and pay a quarter of what I would.

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