Will City Sell Empty Municipal Buildings?

Brigantine new home construction is robust, healthy and growing. Unfortunately a growing number of retail and municipal properties are either vacant or might be considered for transition to condo.

It’s easy to spot high demand for new construction on Brigantine Beach.

Lot’s of premium building activity from Woerner Custom Builders (Golf Course Drive) and ‘Historically Correct’ construction from Ken Villano (10th & Bayshore).

Two high profile, city-owned properties that have been sitting idle for years, are the old civic center at 31 & Bayshore, and the old beach tag building at 16 & Brigantine Ave, next to the La Sammana timeshare.

Inquiries into these 2 buildings suggest they’re both quietly on the market, but still no official sales representation or person in charge of pricing & marketing these 2 premium properties. Revenue generated from these future sales could help in paying down city debt. The right retail or attractions based buyers could develop something that is needed in Brigantine. Even a ‘pop-up’ store would be nice during the summer months.

Both properties pay no taxes and are slowly rotting from neglect.

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