Yianni Siganos: Growing Olives Trees & Successful Eateries in Ocean City & Brigantine

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When does this guy sleep? Yianni Siganos has his hands full with a growing group of popular restaurants in both Ocean City and Brigantine.

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Siganos grew up on the Greek island of Crete. As a kid, one of Yianni’s first jobs was to plant olive seedlings on his family farm. Today, those tree groves tower up to 40 feet. Yianni actually planted the trees that produce his olive oil today.

Best of BrigantineNOW

Yianni left Greece at 26 and moved to Montreal, Canada. That’s where his love of restaurants and food service began. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a cousin named George Siganos, who’s best known for his local food and restaurant empire.

Yianni’s dream came true when he opened the first Yianni’s Cafe in 2008 on Ocean City’s Asbury Avenue. In 2014, Yianni opened another location. He brought his delicious business acumen to Brigantine.

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Yianni’s Cafe Brigantine

1213 W Brigantine Ave
Brigantine, New Jersey 08203
(609) 266-4600

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3 thoughts on “Yianni Siganos: Growing Olives Trees & Successful Eateries in Ocean City & Brigantine”

  1. All class, top notch. This establishment is EXACTLY what other restaurants on the island should model themselves after. I used to go to Mad Dog’s (when they were opened…now permanently closed from the rumors) and when they first opened they were so happy to serve you. Then their son took over and you got dirty looks walking in to eat like it was an inconvenience, not to mention a downgrade in the quality of product. Pirates Den is a nice spot also, nothing bad about them. But Yianni’s gives you tasty food and most importantly, a SMILE!!! I can’t praise this man enough, and I look forward to patronizing his restaurant for years to come. Great show!

  2. I eat at all the eatery’s in Brigantine that’s how I show my support unlike other Brigantiners who constantly go off the island

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