Brigantine Anger, Fear & Confusion. Reader Feedback. COVID-19 Mismanagement.

Brigantine Shoobies
Only in Brigantine.

It’s getting ugly. COVID-19 chaos erupting in Brigantine? Some second homeowners report being targeted by the few remaining neanderthals that still inhabit Brigantine Island.

Verbal threats, the ‘egging’ of their properties, and let’s not forget social media shaming. Yup. Still lot’s of shoobie-go-home rhetoric. What else is new.

So much going on…. so here’s a heart-warming collection of COVID-19 social media feedback, reader posts and comments we’ve collected.

Driving in Brigantine? Be careful if you have PA or NY tags. Brigantine insiders not shy about telling you to turn your sorry ass around… and go back to where you came from.

Brigantine Mayor Andy Simpson
Brigantine Mayor Andy Simpson

Be honest. If you’re one of 500+ Brigantine properties owners that depend on AirBnB and VRBO to help pay your taxes and mortgage, do you think Mayor Andy Simpson and Brigantine City Council will treat you fairly? They will drag their feet before lifting your short-term rental ban.

Don’t contaminate our turf. Stop buying our toilet paper. And don’t forget, taxes are due May 1.

We’re full-time residents of Brigantine. We also own additional properties in Brigantine and other shore towns as investment properties. We use online platforms like AirBnB to run our short-term rental business. We found it cheaper and easier than using local real estate offices. This is not a slight against realtors. But truly, it’s just not easy working with real estate agents connected to City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce.

VIDEO: Simpson Contradicts Himself. No One Corrects Him.

Neighbor against neighbor. Ratting out your neighbor. Selective enforcement of confusing and poorly written ordinance.

Picking winners and losers in Brigantine. Simpson and Riordan never letting a crisis go to waste.

Egregious mismanagement and corruption crippling key economic drivers of Brigantine: Real Estate and short-term rentals.

Simpson Property Tax Scam?

Brigantine’s effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 has been confusing, contradictory, and haphazard. Who the hell voted for Simpson?

Leadership, brains & ethics. Always in short supply at Brigantine City Hall


Been burned badly a few times dealing with City Hall too. Inspections were a nightmare. Always some kind of glitch on their part. A creepy relative of former Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther, was the code enforcement guy. No wonder.

Gotta love Brigantine city employees who think they’re doing me a favor. These entitled fools forget that my taxes pay their fat salaries, benefits, pensions and boat checks.

Your Worst Nightmare

During recent council meetings, Mayor Andy Simpson said we need to follow NJ Governor orders to close all public attractions like golf courses. But Simpson then says he wants people to golf at Brigantine Links. For free. Council too afraid to tell Andy he’s an idiot.

Brigantine City Hall said we had to stop all short-term rentals, effective immediately. So why is Mayor Simpson allowing local realtors to still conduct business? Their rental listings are still live on the internet.

Let me get this straight, the Brigantine City Manager told AirBnB to block my rental listings, effective June 1? Hey Manager Bennett, that’s my primary source of income. How will I pay my taxes due May 1? Will you announce layoffs or furloughs in Brigantine? How about cutting back employee hours? Everybody else is suffering. But not Brigantine city employees.

Brigantine Shoobie Brina Greis
Shoobie Tuesday Party in Brigantine

The embarrassing Mayor Simpson speaks out of both sides of his mouth. No one stops him. Not even the city attorney. Every person on council just sits there. Too afraid to push back on the incoherent ramblings of Brigantine Mayor, Andy Simpson.

Brigantine Mayor, Andy Simpson is happy as a pig in slop. He owns a liquor store. Covid-19 not hurting his business.

And you Mayor Simpson, are a fraud. A bully. A corrupt, small town politician taking advantage of second homeowners. You’re lucky that 75% of Brigantine taxpayers don’t vote here.

When will Attorney Fred Scerni tell Simpson and Riordan to recuse themselves when voting on Brigantine Real Estate issues?

Pigs. Brigantine Mayor and City Council shutting down my ability (AirBnB) to feed the family, while refusing to furlough or lay off city employees. Disgusting.

No wonder there’s so many empty businesses on this beautiful island. Too risky to start a business here.

Brigantine City Council. Corrupt as the day is long. Picking winners and losers is no way to run a town. Unless you’re talking about Brigantine.

At the same time, Simpson says we have to follow Gov Murphy orders and shut down the golf course. But he says he wants people to get out and play some golf. For free.

Yes, local real estate offices are given a pass. Their rental listings are still live. But those who utilize AirBnB, VRBO type sites, their listings will be blocked.

Simpson, Council and the City Manager are mishandling COVID-19 on Brigantine Island. Greed before safety. Shame on those who sit idly by and saying nothing.

Guenther and Simpson. Dumb and Dumber.

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19 thoughts on “Brigantine Anger, Fear & Confusion. Reader Feedback. COVID-19 Mismanagement.”

  1. It’s not the whole island. Long time 2nd homeowners are not threatened by local long time neighbors who know we take care of our properties and have to come down and check and maintain them.

    Now for the others, there’s the old-time inbred fools who either work for the city or are connected in some way. Go ahead, act like the marsh scum you are!

    Next hurricane, stay on your precious puddle. Don’t dare leave that island for relief, for food or supplies. Steal my things. Sounds petty. It is! That’s the mindset of those few.

    As for the allegations of corruption, stupidity, poor leadership, elected officials afraid to speak out, good ole boy network…. all true!

    Keep up the hate n jealous attitudes, residents of brig a puddle. Come summer you’ll be kissing our rears to come and visit your beautiful friendly puddle. I for one will be selling. Moving to a more intelligent area. Been on this island, as have my parents since 1954. Never was like this my island mentality.

    so again next flood n destruction stay there were closing our bridge n throwing egg as at you your marsh scum! You deserve yourselves. Go to hell! Oh by the way, where’s Vince Sera holding Andy’s poison pen? Get a set Vince! Speak up or at election time, better not show your face. Shame on you your the biggest disappointment I ever met!!!!!

  2. Are the residents of Brigantine that numb from years of being led around by the nose by the likes of Mayor Guenther, and now sleepy dopey Andy Simpson? They can no longer think for themselves? They don’t understand what social distancing, or washing your hands means?

    Do they think people visit Brigantine to interact with them?

    Do they need sleepy, dopey, corrupt Andy to tell them when and how to wipe their a__? Maybe crude, but certainly true given the blowback I’m hearing on the island!

    I too have been a loyal taxpaying resident for too many years. I am done and will be out of here. Used to go out of my way to support island businesses. No more. Easier and cheaper to shop off island. Bye bye!

  3. Have we really resorted to the cliché of torch carrying morons yelling for a tar and feathering?

    City government should make it crystal clear that homeowners, no matter full time or not, have every right of residing in their property without having to justify that occupation to a mob of ignorant slobs.

    I have owned my property here since 94 and, like many others, have contributed my full time taxes and fees to the overall economy of this city for decades.

    I don’t expect to have to ask for permission to reside here whenever it is my desire to do so and I fully expect a professional police force to enforce my right to said peaceful and law abiding residence.

    1. So sorry that the citizens of Brigantine are treating 2nd homeowners so horribly. As a full time resident, my only hope is that those who own a 2nd home could wait until the shelter in place at primary residence be lifted by Gov Murphy. When people move the virus moves. We have been blessed with so few cases here in Brigantine by following this directive. People here are scared especially the older citizens of contracting Covid 19. But destroying someone’s property is wrong. Yes Simpson is an idiot.

      We still need more time to flatten that curve and I bet some of the summer will be salvaged!! Me, I love when the town opens up, it’s the best time of year. So please people of Brigantine be kind and I hope 2nd homeowners will take into consideration the Governor’s directive to keep people safe and healthy. Thanks for listening.

  4. Disgraceful. I have a full-time home in PA and a second home in Brigantine – WHICH I NEVER RENT OUT. I invested a lot of money into fixing up the dump I bought, which is now beautiful.

    Even though I could have made purchases cheaper off the island, I intentionally went to ACE Hardware and other stores on the island, or AC, Egg Harbor, to stimulate the NJ economy.

    I pay all of taxes and other expenses from my own money which benefits Brigantine. Since this whole COVID thing started, I haven’t come down to check on my home. I would drive onto the island, bringing my own food, etc., with me.

    I wouldn’t go into any establishment. Why should I be afraid to come to the island to check on my home? This whole thing has been eye-opening!

    Brigantine does not deserve good people like me. I hope everyone sells their home and all of the Brigantine residents will be screwed.

    Maybe they would learn to appreciate good people like me who invest in the island and their futures, instead of treating us so horribly.

    I’m coming to check on my home this weekend. Perhaps the residents of Brigantine will think twice before trying to harm me or my property in any way!

  5. Most people here are not like the ‘inbreds’ that are carrying on.

    Brigantine is a beautiful island. Those simpletons in City Hall do NOT own it.

    Where were all those complaining about inept Brigantine Mayor Andy Simpson and his gang of goons at the 2018 mMyoral election? We had a chance to elect an intelligent, well-educated professional over this former drug dealer.

    More reason to band together and overcome the corrupt Brigantine City Hall racketeers.

    This beautiful piece of paradise needs honest, smart leaders to oust Guenther’s Goon Gang.

    By selling, you give in and let them win.

    1. Second home owners have no voice or voting privileges. Why stay here after this?

      We rebuilt after Sandy, unable to live in our homes due to the damages. We continued to pay taxes. But it’s not worth staying here to continue to be treated like we are the enemy and only welcomed when it’s Summer, so we can help all of the businesses on the island.

      I have gone back and forth about selling and leaving Brigantine. This has helped me to come to the decision that it’s long past time to move out and not return.

  6. Only 25% of Brigantine homeowners are voting residents. It’s likely this small group will always vote for the current administration. That vote protects their Police, Fire, School and Public Works jobs, and those of their family and friends.

    This cycle has to stop. A REVOLT of non-voting second/vacation homeowners (75% of population) is REQUIRED.

    2nd homeowners purchase, care for, pay taxes, and spend at local establishments. They only use their own Brigantine property for a small part of year. They place little demand on public services/resources.

    It’s really is time to sweep out this regime, which is just a continuation of the past one. ( controlled by Phil Guenther )

    We need to install public servants who understand that they’re hired and paid for by us, the citizens of BRIGANTINE.

  7. It’s not just Brigantine, Margate is packed with PA and NY Plates. Seems like they all think Covid is not here. Riding bikes, walking around in groups down the middle of the street

    No one is on vacation here. Looking around the business area there are worn gloves just thrown to the ground, never seen so much dog feces just left on the ground.

    These people are rude and obnoxious ignorant “people “. I dealt with them for over 20 years in law enforcement. So glad I’m done. Can’t wait to move.

  8. So exactly how do taxpayers change the government in a town like Brigantine when you aren’t allowed to vote here?

    1. Here’s how Andrew. New Jersey State Commission of Investigation. (SCI). 28 W. State Street, 10th Floor. P.O. Box 045. Trenton, NJ. 08625-0045. PH 609 292-6767 Fax 609 633-7366. They also have a Tip hotline which is confidential.

  9. It should be unconstitutional to tell a person that they can’t enter their own home. Give them back their taxes at least.

  10. Shoobs need to remember this. Buy all your essentials in Pa, or wherever they live. Don’t use NJ resources. 25% of Brigantine homes are owned by full-timers. 75% of Brigantine homes are owned by Shoobies.

    Do the math, Shoobies are in a position to help or hinder Brigantine’s recovery.

    1. Chris, you sound like the least intelligent person…ever. Use PA resources, don’t use NJ resources? Ha ha, you don’t think they all come from the same purveyors and shippers?

      This isn’t Hunger Games where each state is rationed supplies. There is more than enough for every person and still plenty left over on the shelves.

      Don’t be such a fear monger, or such an ignorant person. If they buy in NJ, you know what you get? REVENUES IN NJ and not PA.

      Also, ‘shoobies’ help foot the tax bill. Again, you’re not the brightest bulb, are ya? Think before you type next time.


    BRIGANTINE NOW – Why do you allow these comments from these narrow-minded mental misfits who use the term SHOOBIES to post. You are only insighting hate and anger towards the part-time owners who do not deserve this reputation of toilet paper stealing, germ-spreading and lets not forget TAX PAYING beasts that invade the kingdom of Brigantine. Can we envision an economy without the patronage of the so-called SHOOBIES?

  12. Jim Bennett is the worst city manager ever
    Hi is simply rude and arrogant and condescending to all those who question him
    All he does is make excuses as why things can’t be done
    Constantly claims that city workers are overburdened and can’t do things
    Excuses excuses excuses that’s all he gives
    Terrible must be replaced with can do person

  13. Wow, i was thinking of buying a vacation home in brigantine. I live in Pa where our virus numbers are much lower and now to read this that locals are egging us if we come there to pay taxes, spend money and help the local economy. I guess i will look elsewhere.

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