Brigantine City Council Summary 1.20.2016

Another Big Pay Day

VIDEO> Brigantine City Council highlights from the meeting of Jan. 20, 2016. Another Firefighter retirement was announced and plastic bags were debated. Should we ban or encourage a reduction of use?

Brigantine Firefighter Thomas Bordanaro of Egg Harbor Twp (volunteer fire department), announced his retirement recently. Bordanaro is best known for raking in close to $60,000 in overtime pay during 2015. That’s on top of his $129,000 salary, cadillac health care, as well as longevity pay and pension contributions.

Brigantine Firefighter Bordonaro also has the honor of a one-day take home pay of $1,900.

We wish Mr. Bordanaro the best in his retirement, and we welcome his son… who was just hired to the FD.

City Manager Stinson once again delayed the release of the Brigantine Links Golf Course financial statement of 2015. It’s been duly noted that Mr. Stinson has been asked multiple times for these documents over the past few months.

Councilperson Lisa McClay concurred with City Manager Stinson. She saw no need for an update on either the Golf Course FOOD & BEVERAGE RFP, or the 2015 Golf LINKS financial report.

Critical missing details about Mad Dog Morgans’s role in the bidding for Links Golf course’s food and beverage concession, highly questionable payments to Meadowbrook Golf LLC, and a continued lack of financial transparency still persist.

Brigantine City Council did however, move forward on forming a so-called Links Golf Course Advisory Committee. Councilman Sera inquired about need for transparency, and whether this committee would need to adhere to OPRA; the Open Public Records Act.

To date, Brigantine City Council has not reprimanded outgoing Police Chief Tim Reed for deleting over a years worth of official City Council video documents.

City has yet to return to system where residents can view these City Council Meetings on-demand. Total annual cost for this important City Council Meeting documentation system was well under $1,200.






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5 thoughts on “Brigantine City Council Summary 1.20.2016”

  1. In looking over the new contract, I was wondering why there isn’t a clause, about not suing your RMPLOYER. . LIKE ALL OTHER COMPANIES DO.??
    Not proud, of being A Republican, in this town.
    I wonder if if the total amount of city employees, and their lucrative salaries and contracts (well over the medium yearly rate) of the residents) have anything to do with their getting elected.
    A person can get elected in this town with over 300 plus employees and their families voting for them. BRIGANTINE MAFIA, WHERE’s are Governor???

  2. Supposedly,the median salary for a family in Brigantine is $62,000.Yet,through their real estate taxes,they are paying the city employees’salaries of $60,000 to $200,000.

  3. I heard people from netflix has contacted Costello to determine if a documentary about Greenhead Politics would be worthwhile…any truth to this?
    I can’t begin to imagine what would happen if they begin to investigate and film a documentary like Making a Murderer!

  4. The City of Brigantine municipal welfare recipient employees are very similar to federal politicians… exorbitant pay for do nothing work along with a smorgasbord of employee benefits all the while garnering low approval ratings, culminating in the fat and happy hand-me-down!

    Lets all propose a toast (of only the finest champagne a Brig Muni welfare recipient one day overtime pay can buy) to Thomas and Stacey!
    2 Bottles Please

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