Brigantine Community Center News, Dec. 28, 2012

Brigantine beach new jersey newsThe Brigantine Community Education and Recreation Department will have their only office located at the Brigantine Beach Community Center starting Tuesday, Jan. 2.

For the past year the CER has maintained two offices – the original office opened in 1997 at the Brigantine North School, and the office at the BBCC.

The address of the new office will be 265 42nd St., Brigantine, NJ 08203. The new phone number will be (609) 264-7350 and the fax will be (609) 264-7351.

Walking at the BBCC

Tired of walking outside in the cold and windy conditions? Tired of having to walk with coats, hats and gloves on? You no longer need to get your exercise in these conditions!

Starting on Wednesday, Jan. 2 you can come to the Community Center and get your walking exercise inside in a controlled climate.

The BBCC will provide access for walking from 8-9 a.m. Monday through Friday. Get a friend, come to the BBCC and enjoy walking and talking in a warm and safe environment.

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