Brigantine Island is no longer accessible. NO IN…NO OUT. Roads are blocked.

Hurricane Sandy to make landfall near Atlantic City, at approx 6pm et.

Full moon & high tide to make situation worse.

North end seawall of Brigantine has seen storm surge pour over top.

Substantial flooding blocks exit from island. STAY IN HOME.

MOVE property to highest levels in home.

Brigantine Police warn of dramatically rising water, during high tide & full moon later today.

Officer Jim Bennett, director of emergency management for Brigantine, says: 70 percent of Brigantine’s 9,500 residents remained. (even after mandatory evacuation order)

Bennett told reporter from San Francisco Chronicle; “My confidence is not very high”. “We’ve basically been told to expect to survive on our own for a while if we get cut off.

Countywide travel ban now in effect.

Only vehicles transporting essential personnel or those who provide essential public services including police, fire, EMS and authorized emergency management personnel will be permitted on roadways until this ban is lifted. The travel ban restricts travel on all county and municipal roadways

Brigantine Island access is now shut down, as of 4pm SUNDAY OCT 28.

Ernie Purdy & Brigantine Department of Public Works did FANTASTIC JOB of prepping the beaches for Sandy. SEE PICTURES HERE

Hurricane Sandy will have a severe impact on our region over the next several days:

  • Strong damaging sustained winds 35 to 50 mph over a prolonged period of time (24 to 48 hours).
  • Wind gusts up to near 75 mph.
  • Extremely heavy rainfall.
  • Major to record inland flooding along streams and rivers.
  • Major to record coastal flooding. The full moon on October 29 just makes things worse.
  • Options for the storm to miss our area are rapidly dwindling.
  • Confidence on the storm having a major impact on our region continues to increase.
  • The focus of efforts should be on when Sandy hits our region, not if Sandy hits our region.
  • Major coastal flooding is expected based on the current track forecast. Record coastal flooding is likely.
  • 10 to 12 foot storm tide is possible along the Atlantic Coast & the Delaware Bay. This would result in record coastal flooding in many locations.

NJ TRANSIT has shutdown of all bus, rail, light rail and Access Link service.

Governor Christie formally requested that President Obama declare a pre-landfall emergency for New Jersey. This declaration would allow the State to request funding and other assistance for actions taken in advance of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to make landfall in New Jersey late Monday evening.

“The National Hurricane Center predicts that Hurricane Sandy will move along the New Jersey coast bringing the potential for severe weather conditions, including heavy rains, high winds, dangerous storm surges and stream and river flooding that may threaten homes and other structures, and endanger lives in the state,” added Governor Christie.

To ease evacuation, tolls are suspended until further notice on Northbound Parkway and Westbound AC Expressway.

Brigantine Beach could get 24-48 hrs of 35-45 mph gusts to 60-75 mph..

ALL Atlantic City Casinos now evacuated as well.