Brigantine Faces Merger or Elimination of School District


New Jersey towns including Margate, Ventnor and Brigantine are facing potential school district merger or elimination. NJ State Senator Steve Sweeney is leading the charge.

NJ State Senator Sweeney’s Path to Progress plan.

Sweeney: “The goal is to eliminate the administration, put a principal in the school, get rid of the school district, leave a principal, let the regional high school become a K-12 district,” he said. “You go from 600 districts to 320.”

NJ State Senator Sweeney recommendations include:

  • Merge all New Jersey school districts into K-12 regional districts.
  • Improve quality of education and promote efficiency.
  • Establish two countywide school district pilot programs.
  • Municipalities with less than 5,000 residents: merge with adjacent municipalities.
  • Reduce health benefits from top of the line ‘platinum plans’ to very good ‘gold plans’.
  • Reduce top heavy, redundant school administration
  • Consider countywide or regional tax assessment to ensure consistency and efficiency.

On the other hand, NJ Gov Phil Murphy wants to raise taxes. Especially for those who make too much money….or those who run a business…etc.

Sweeney’s school consolidation plan could provide the state an additional $1 billion.

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