Does Brigantine Share Project Plans With Real Estate Agents?

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Imagine you just bought a beautiful home in Brigantine. Now imagine, as you peer out your front window, you no longer see water views. Instead, a hulking 20 ft high, industrial water pump is staring back at you.

This nightmare is not imaginary. It’s happening now to the residents of Jenkins Parkway in Brigantine.

Four, 10 foot concrete pillars are now smack dab in the middle of Jenkins Parkway, on the north side of Brigantine. On top of these towers will soon sit an industrial sized, motorized water pump.

Would you be mad at your Real Estate agent if they didn’t tell you about a mechanical monstrosity that’ll soon be in your front yard? Right outside your window. Blocking that once magnificent view of the bay?

Some call it ‘MAKE WORK’. A way to tap grants and funds in order to keep busy…and keep getting paid. Even with un-needed work. Even if it screws with residents.

Jenkins Parkway.

Former Mayor Guenther and current Mayor, Andy ‘Simp’ Simpson, with the help of controversial city engineer, Matt Doran, are surprising residents with giant water pumping stations. Right in the middle of their once tranquil, scenic neighborhoods. More on the way, too.

Some Brigantine Real Estate Values Could Plummet With Poorly Placed Pump Stations.

Brigantine City Council forcing pump stations on unsuspecting residential neighborhoods. Whether they need em’ or not. Local residents claim Jenkins Parkway really doesn’t need stuff like this.

When neighbors respectfully push back, Simpson shows his true colors. Green. As in Greenhead Politics.

Mayor Simpson, the bumbling bully, publicly shames grief-stricken Brigantine homeowners.

Simp says complainers are putting neighbors at risk for pushing back against this non-critical project.

Forcing un-needed work on residential neighborhood. Just to spend grant money…is a special kind of Greenhead arrogance.

Mayor Simp said he’d never want something like that in front of HIS house.

Former Mayor, “Greenhead’ Phil Guenther got it started and current Mayor, Andy ‘Simp’ Simpson, followed through. Once they hired Doran Engineering to help, it was like a cherry on top of that shit sandwich. Jenkins Parkway residents being forced to take a bite. Why? Mayor Simpson knows what’s good for you.

Imagine if you want to sell your house now? Brigantine lacks transparency. Keeps stuff quiet. Everything from affordable housing to placement of water pumps.

Mayor Simp fears the contractor will sue if the project is cancelled. We think Simp needs to be more afraid of homeowner lawyers.

Follow the money. Who stands to financially benefit from this project?

Simp believes the City of Brigantine doesn’t have to tell anyone about major projects like this. That’s why it’s been kept quiet for so long. Of course, you never read about this in the Brigantine Times.

Watch Video. Mayor Simpson defends water pump project:

Surprise !

Home values stuck in the mud. 30+ empty retail storefronts. Poor city planning. Wasteful spending. Welcome to Brigantine, the island you’ll love for life. That’s if your lucky enough to be on the municipal nipple.

Concerned Citizens of Brigantine: Our town is beautiful, but it’s seriously mismanaged by thugs with poor financial skills and zero common sense. A small handful of voters keeps these dolts in office.

This story is just one more reason why all residents should support the Brigantine Taxpayers Association. We also recommend hiring an attorney to protect your best interests.

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