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On the MORNING of FEB 25, Harry Hurley from WPG 1450 Radio talked about the controversial activity revolving around municipal golf courses. Jim Fraser of Mays Landing Country Club was the in-studio guest discussing the EHT Emerald Links. Brigantine Golf Links was also discussed since it wants to operate like McCulloughs Emerald Links.

Listen to Harry Hurley 1450am for EHT McCulloughs Emerald Links background here:

Links at Brigantine Golf one step closer to becoming non-profit. Mayor Guenther has increased talk of taking our money losing golf course the non-profit route. The name “Jaworski” has yet to be mentioned over the past few months at city council.

Opposition to Mayor Guenther’s preference for non-profit status is lead by Lisa McClay. Recently, Councilwoman McClay has been eerily silent about this issue. No questioning on alleged negotiations between city solicitor Scerni and representatives of Jaworski Golf. To most, the deal doesn’t look good as Brigantine is busy leasing new golf carts and selling low-priced multi-year golf packages. These below market value packages would certainly make it more difficult for Jaworski to turn a profit in the near term.

Listen to some sample clips >>

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