Brigantine Beach Was Kept a Secret?

Shhhhhh. Don’t tell anybody. Brigantine Beach is more than just an island you’ll love for life. This island is also one of the most mis-understood summer destinations on the Jersey shore. How can that be since we’re right next to some of the most popular casino’s of Atlantic City, like Borgata and Revel? We often wonder why the Chamber of Commerce refused to promote our spectacular destination to the outside world.

In addition to award-winning beaches, superior fishing and a family friendly vibe, the resort city of Brigantine features some truly breath-taking homes and city services second to none.

Unfortunately, many are still unaware of how Brigantine has blossomed over the years. But to those in the know, their real estate investment dollars go much further, compared to shore communities to the south of us.

While the recent storm certainly did some damage to the lower lying portions of our island, a majority of Brigantine luckily escaped the wrath of Sandy. The TV cameras and hack newspaper reporters that followed the visit of President Obama would have you believe otherwise.

Well, good thing this inter-web thing allows us to share the awesomeness of Briggy Beach with those who can’t visit. Click thru to witness our glory.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. More bang for your real estate buck is right here in Brigantine. But hey…..feel free to pay millions more in over-priced and crowded seashore towns further south on the Garden State Parkway.

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1 thought on “Brigantine Beach Was Kept a Secret?”

  1. Thanks for your great (and refreshing) views! I always wondered why Brigantine seemed to be deliberately held back from thriving. As a marketing professional who has owned multiple properties and now has lived here year-round, I believe controlled progress and growth will not destroy our beauty and will help strengthen us financially.

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