To-Do List for Brigantine Councilwoman McClay

Somebody had to do it…. a TO-DO list to will hold Councilwoman Lisa McClay and all Brigantine leadership accountable to local taxpayers.

Goal of TO-DO LIST > fix biggest problems facing Brigantine taxpayers:

  • How do taxpayers regain control & oversight of City Council & City Hall operations.
  • How does power get back to those who are ultimately in charge: the Brigantine taxpayers.
  • Remember > taxpayers are the BOSSES…. and City Council, City Manager & City workers….are the EMPLOYEES.

As a party leader, Councilwoman Lisa McClay is now tasked with getting answers and resolution to critical issues affecting all local taxpayers. If ignored or stone-walled by city manager, city clerk or police chief, McClay has the duty to either hire an independent 3rd party attorney to investigate, or she must report the issue to appropriate NJ State departments in Trenton.

If Brigantine Councilperson McClay doesn’t follow through, she (and others with local leadership power) could be considered accomplices to the un-ethical and potentially criminal activity of Mayor Guenther, Councilman Simpson and Police Chief Reed.

Keeping a ‘To-Do’ list is really a no-brainer for all political leaders.

McClay must be compelled do the very basics of her job. She was elected to push back on the fiscally harmful activities of Mayor Guenther, and Councilman Simpson.

Elected leaders and city staff must do what’s best for all taxpayers…. not just their staff, family, friends, and those with City Hall connections.

Until then, we believe McClay & the Brigantine Democrat Party are NOT deserving of any donations or support of any kind….until they get serious about their critical role in the community.

Click here > McClay To-Do List

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2 thoughts on “To-Do List for Brigantine Councilwoman McClay”

  1. Add to the list
    “City code needs to be changed (put up for a vote) that No Political Office regardless of position can be held by one individual for more than 8 years – 2 terms”. Guentherism needs to be removed…asap

  2. Is Guenther a “Mayor” ???

    Damn !

    Here, I thought he must be a King, because nobody doing this horrible a job, could possibly keep it unless they were a King.

    Clearly, the people who vote in Brigantine who stand for such incompetence and corruption, are even dumber than the people who run the town.

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