Brigantine Planning Board Adds to Real Estate Slump

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Brigantine Planning Board FAIL

The Brigantine Planning Board has been coming under increased fire lately. Realtors are accusing the Board of negatively affecting Real Estate values by making highly questionable decisions and handing out too many variances to ‘special people’.

Small home in Brigantine RESIDENTIAL area… being converted to Busco Law Office on 30th st. & Brig Blvd. Property will feature business parking and lighting. Extra-large street signage & advertising still to be installed on front lawn.

Will neighbors appreciate how their Brigantine property values are affected? Brigantine Planning Board handing out favors to insiders? Most think so.

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Non-compliant activity….in the middle of a prominent A-ZONE area of Brigantine?

Is it possible? Was Mr. Busco given all he asked for….because he’s head of the Brigantine Republican Party? With so many empty businesses on the Island, why didn’t Mr. Busco use one of those empty buildings?

The planning board lead by Mike Brindisi, was indirectly involved with City’s recent crack down on Brigantine Auto Repair.

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How to Kill Brigantine Property Values

Example #2: This past Summer, the Brigantine Planning Board approved a major project at the Lighthouse Circle. The ultra-popular Laragosta Restaurant was bulldozed to make way for new construction…with very little adjacent parking. Guess where people will park? You guessed it……in the residential areas….or across the busy street. Brigantine Planning Board chairman Michael Brindisi said “if parking becomes an issue, maybe they can use the nearby real estate office for additional parking”. Neighbors fear most will use residential streets.

Brig Circle Investors LLC received multiple variances for this project. Brig Circle Investors LLC is also known as Mike Snyder, good friend of Councilman Andy Simpson.

Locals now see why Snyder & Councilman Simpson are so focused on shutting down Brigantine Auto Repair.

The planning board granted no less than 9 variances over objections of neighbors and residents. The proposed Snyder project will have seating for 70 people. It will also require 6 parking spots for tenants, and 8 for employees. There will be no on-site parking, only 21 slots available on the street and alley. Chairman Brindisi was quoted as saying “if parking were to become an issue for the new business, maybe they could use the nearby Real Estate office for additional parking”

Most feel the Brigantine Planning Board acted irresponsibly and failed to live up to its charge.

Snyder wanted a mixed-use for business and residential combined. Snyder was also looking to get a variance on building higher. He wants to go 5 feet above code…up to 35 feet. His variance requests were quickly approved by the board 7 – 0.

According to Brigantine Times, planner Lance Landgraf was supportive of the project. Others disagreed. No one believed Landgraf’s assertion that walking around the dangerous Lighthouse Circle….was a smart idea.

Local residents are also concerned about truck deliveries to Snyder’s proposed Lighthouse businesses. Neighbors are already complaining that large tractor-trailers already deliver to local business and ignore the restriction of ‘small trucks only’. Mad Dog Morgan is one such business that these large 18 wheelers deliver to.

Currently, there’s only 11 parking spaces at the circle. Snyder will use parking on the street at 34th St. and the alleyway to get himself up to 21 parking spaces. Current Brigantine building code requires that 32 parking spaces are needed for a project of this size. That includes six spots for the tenants and eight spots for the employees.

The planning board also gave Snyder the okay to go above and beyond the 60% of lot to be developed. Snyder wants to build on close to 90% of lot. Instead of a setback of 20 feet… Snyder will be able to build right up to the borderline.

Local Brigantine residents are angry because of the increased traffic, and more dangerous conditions.

18 wheel delivery trucks are also a concern. Trash, noise, smells, and other problems are almost guaranteed, says a local resident that wanted to stay anonymous. Most on the Brigantine planning board were compelled to push through the project even though, in the past, they would never approve a project like this.

Members of the Brigantine Planning Board…appointed by Brigantine Mayor & City Council.

  • Mayor Phil Guenther
  • Councilman Karen Bew
  • Chairperson Mike Brindisi
  • Dorie Herndon
  • Conrad Weiler
  • Paul Lettieri
  • Tim Daley
  • Roberta Fusco
  • Tom Donahue
  • Frank Alberti
  • Dennis Haney
  • Maria Sacco Handle
  • Chaser Gaffney

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Planning Board Adds to Real Estate Slump”

  1. Ms. Anderson – just a few points of clarification as it relates to my office. First, home professional offices such as this are permitted uses on Brigantine and Bayshore Avenues. No variance was required to have my office here. Second, the sign is going to be 2 x 3 feet. It is going to be similar to the sign Dr. Tracy has, which is directly across the street (again, another permitted home professional office). The parking required no variance relief and is permitted by code. Lighting will be motion-censored and will be similar to other homes in the neighborhood.

    I bought this property in foreclosure. It had sat vacant and unmaintained for many years. I am in the process of making substantial improvements to the exterior of the property, including new shutters, new paint, new curbs, new sidewalks, new sod and new landscaping. I believe the property will be an improvement to the neighborhood, and will be aesthetically pleasing once complete.

    1. My family and I already try and avoid the circle of death at all costs. I can’t believe they want to add more congestion to that area.

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