Brigantine Re-Hires Doran Engineering, Known for Improper Billing

DORAN Engineering Brigantine invoice
Doran Engineering illegal Brigantine invoice


Doran Engineering, well-known & well-documented for improper & likely illegal billing of services to the City of Brigantine, has been re-hired.

According to the Brigantine Beachcomber, Mayor Guenther said: “I don’t know of any evidence of improper billing”.

Is 26+ year Mayor Phil Guenther’s memory failing him? Is City Manager Ed Stinson ignoring the law? Many think so. According to NJ State law, no municipal engineer shall be compensated by receiving percentage of contract for which he rendered services. See DOCS >

This is exactly what Doran Engineering has done for extended periods of time, with full approval of Mayor Phil Guenther, who is also a Superintendent at the Atlantic County Institute of Technology.

Link below provides definitive proof that shows Mr. Doran has record of blatantly ignoring NJ State Law that provides ability to overcharge Brigantine taxpayers. Mayor Guenther, along with Councilpersons Simpson, Sera, Bew and McClay have allowed this unlawful activity to continue with Wednesday’s committee vote.

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On Wed AUG 3, 2016, City Council of Brigantine, lead by Mayor Phil Guenther and Councilman Andy Simpson voted YES to hire Matt Doran for engineering services. This was not well-received by key members of Brigantine council, specifically Councilman Rick DeLucry.

It’s been well documented that Doran Engineering, lead by Matt Doran, was over-billing taxpayers of Brigantine during his past tenure with the city.

  • No itemized bills from Doran Engineering
  • Doran paid based on ‘percentage’ of contract (forbidden by NJ state law)

Note: City Manager Ed Stinson got his engineering start by working for Mr. Doran. It’s also noted that Mr. Doran is a member of the Brigantine School Board, which is appointed solely at the discretion of Mayor Guenther. 

Other Brigantine City Council Notes from AUG 3:

City Manager Ed Stinson pointed to slightly lower, hourly rate that Matt Doran will be paid. Of course, hourly rate is not a relevant number since overtime will make that hourly rate a non-issue.

Mayor Guenther, described as a liberal Republican or RINO (Republican in name only), was offended when Councilman Withers described Doran’s past improper billing as ‘improper billing’. Guenther shrugged off documented paperwork that shows improper billing by Doran. The 26+ year Mayor of Brigantine explained that since an independent arbiter was not used to decide this issue, then everything, in Guenther’s view, was fine.

In what may be described as political correctness at it’s finest, Councilman Simpson believes use of the term improper billing was ‘disgraceful’ (see video). Guenther believes accusation of improper billing is unfair because individual (Doran) was not in attendance, and could not defend himself and provide rebuttal.

READ MORE about Doran Engineering in Brigantine

Doran Engineering still subject of council debate   Brigantine Beachcomber. Oct 18, 2012
Conflict of Interest Lawsuit. Matt Doran, Planning Board & Brigantine GOP Rose Roberts  Feb 2009

Doran Engineering Invoices Show Non-Compliance with NJ Statutes

It should be noted that incidents, such as these, have direct affect on the Real Estate economy of Brigantine. According to TRULIA, Brigantine Real Estate values are down approx 30%, year over year.

The increase of empty retail business can also be attributed to the financial mis-management of taxpayer funds.

Real Estate Data for Brigantine

Brigantine market trends indicate a decrease of $107,675 (-33%) in median home sales over the past year. The average price per square foot for this same period fell to $107, down from $212.

brigantine real estate trulia AUG 2016
Brigantine City Hall Hurting Real Estate Values



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3 thoughts on “Brigantine Re-Hires Doran Engineering, Known for Improper Billing”

    1. We agree with “Not Again”…. WHEN will this corruption END? The arrogance is unbelievable. Thank God for DeLucry speaking out…
      We are going broke on this Island.
      GREEN $$$$ Head Politics are sucking the blood out of us.

  1. When are they going to stop hiring friends. The Democrats told the story of Doran had improper billing in the past. But the Mayor did not want to listen. Because Doran is his friend. Someday this city will wake up and have enough of this green Head politics. No matter how hard the Democrats try to work for everyone here in Brigantine the Republicans don”t want to listen and just do things their own way…

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