Brigantine Reader Feedback. Crony Politicians and Overpaid Employees.

Guenther Simpson Brigantine corruption
Knock Knock. Time to Donate. Or Else.

I grew up in Brigantine in the 60-70’s. I played all the sports with the now politicians running the show. Boy, the stories I could tell you. Skeletons in ALL of their closets. Was bullied by Andy Simpson (sound familiar?) This happened all the way through High School.

I moved away from Brigantine when I was 18, for school. I always came back for the small town feeling. Safety, comfort, and of course, the beach. I lived 7 houses from the water.

The island of Brigantine has changed so much, I don’t come back anymore.

The one thing that has NOT changed in Brigantine, are the cronies running the show.

I could never be a lifeguard back in the 70’s. Those summer jobs were reserved for the kids of city employees, and those who kids ‘donated’.

No Brigantine city job for me. Pops wasn’t ‘in the click’.

Now, I look at the public employee salaries and almost have a heart attack. Not just over the unbelievable pay and benefits, but because of the same crony last names of their parents from 40 years ago!

It’s obvious to me that NOTHING has or will change for the better. A real shame. I have traveled the world in my job and I still remember my Brigantine, and how really nice it once was.


Past Resident of Brigantine

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