Has Brigantine Real Estate Hit Bottom Yet? Zillow Says ‘Maybe’

According to ZILLOW, the median home value in Brigantine is $287,000. The Real Estate website said homes in the 08203 zip code have declined -3.3% over the past year.

On the upside, Zillow says Brigantine is a BUYERS MARKET. It predicts that Brigantine home values have hit some sort of bottom and could rise 1.0% within the next year.

What has hurt the Brigantine Real Estate market the most? ‘High taxes, bloated government and a growing list of empty businesses’ says a 25 yr Brigantine resident.  Nothing screams ‘weak home value’ more than the mass exodus of restaurants, retail outlets and attractions that Brigantine has experienced over the past 10 years.


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2 thoughts on “Has Brigantine Real Estate Hit Bottom Yet? Zillow Says ‘Maybe’”

  1. real estate appraisal down by 40% yet taxes increase by 25% Thank you Guenther! You take care of your own while you flush your constituents down the sewer!

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