Brigantine Republicans Say NO to Election Debate

Brigantine GOP Candidates Refuse To Debate

On September 10, 2018, representatives from the Brigantine Democratic party contacted Mr. Angelo Sciarra, the Brigantine Republican Club President. The letter included the following excerpt:

The 2018 Brigantine Democratic candidates, Rick DeLucry, Denise Hakanson and Jerry Szucs would like to invite Andy Simpson, Vince Sera and Mike Riordan to participate in a Brigantine Candidate Forum. We are available anytime and would decide on location, format and moderator together.

The purpose of the Candidate Forum is to give Brigantine voters an opportunity to hear candidates discuss the issues of importance to them in this election.

Are your candidates interested? Please reply by email or regular mail within 10 days.

To date, 5 weeks later, Simpson, Sera and Riordan have ignored this request. Shame on them.

The Brig Democrats don’t look so good either. They do not adequately share this critical news & dereliction of civic duty to the Brigantine community.

Another reason why a Brigantine Taxpayers group is ramping up. Second homeowners are financing this municipal monkey business.

The team of BrigantineNOW is disappointed with BOTH political parties in Brigantine.

One party (R) is corrupt as the day is long. The other (D) is too timid to hit back, and call them out on this crap.

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1 thought on “Brigantine Republicans Say NO to Election Debate”

  1. Does this surprise anyone? The last thing Guenther and Simpson want to do is to defend their positions…because they are indefensible. They are all about protecting their base by ever expanding public employee jobs, benefits, at the expense of the residents and homeowners. Mayor appoints the Board of Ed who do his bidding as well. They shamelessly oversee one of the most bloated, poorly run, ineffective school systems in the state. They can’t defend their actions and hide behind a wall of silence. Wake up! vote these bums out! They City sinks deeper in the morass, while Guenther and his cronies laugh all the way to the bank, knowing their pensions are secure…maybe! State will be insolvent in less than 15 years thanks to the likes of these bums!

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