Letter To The Editor: Wake Up Brigantine

Brigantine Scared Away Jaworski Golf
Brigantine Scared Away Jaworski Golf

When are the people going to wake up in Brigantine? When you go to a Council meeting and participate in public comment, they listen to you, and the Mayor says thank you. That’s the end of it. Why?

The answer is: Because the six Brigantine Republican council members have already made up their mind on the issue.

Residents talked about the dune (destruction) by private residents. Council said they’ll look into it. But, they’ve already made up their minds.

Councilman Rick DeLucry is the only one who raises questions.

Rick brings out the points that they’re wrong on.

Jerry Scuzs asked Vince Sera about the AD truck in the middle of St. Thomas parking lot with political signs on it. Vince gets all upset and wants Jerry to resign from the race to run on the board.

That’s how Brigantine is run. If you don’t do it their way, they don’t want you on City Council.

Why would the driver park the truck on church lot if he was going to the restroom at WaWa? There’s plenty of parking at W’aWa. There’s no restroom in WaWa.

Brigantine has lost so much with Republicans in office.

The best possible deal was a Links Golf course run by Ron Jaworski. The Republicans turned that deal down. Councilman Andy Simpson had his own ideas on how to run the Brigantine Links Golf course.

We should have a Brigantine City Council that works for all people, not just their party and friends.

I hope the people of Brigantine wake up. Vote the right way on November 6th. Vote for people who care for everyone on the Island.

Thank you.

Jack Heil

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