Return of Shoobie Tuesday in Brigantine

Brigantine Times, Sept. 8, 2023

The return of Brigantine’s end-of-summer tribute to 75% of Brigantine taxpayers. The non-voting 2nd homeowners some call shoobies.

We thought it was gone for good, but the infamous Shoobie Tuesday Party is apparently back in Brigantine

Did Mayor Sera and City Manager Platt endorse this?

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Emmett Turner, Publisher of The Brigantine Times
Ha, Ha, Non-Voting Taxpayers

What an embarrassment for visitors to the island & my rental guests directly across the street.

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Emmett Turner, Publisher of The Brigantine Times is Back, Baby.

Turner: Word spread quickly when the Labor Day Brigantine Times paper never hit the streets last Friday. My close friends knew what was going on but the only clue to others was the notices that showed up in the WAWAs and ACME. A recent procedure took a left turn. I spent 9 glorious days and 8 nights in the ACMC.

Turner: Since coming home I have gotten many get well wishes. Meanwhile, I got back in the saddle and stopped in the Legion Tuesday night to get pictures of the Shoobie Tuesday party.

Brigantine Times, Sept. 8, 2023

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Welcome to Brigantine 2014.
Good-Bye, Shoobie Tuesday. By Patrick Costello

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9 thoughts on “Return of Shoobie Tuesday in Brigantine”

  1. What a bunch of ignorant and ungrateful dolts. Grow up. There is a world outside of Brigantine. You should check it out.

    You should be kissing the feet of the 2nd homeowners – currently 75% of Brigantine taxpayers.

    Have you noticed all of the new homes being built? It is mostly 2nd homeowners that are buying them. That 75% will slowly grow to 80% and then 85% and so on.

    2nd homeowners are unable to vote in Brigantine, despite paying for the primary homeowners’ children’s school (among other benefits).

    This is going to change. No one has challenged this ridiculous rule – at least that I know of.

    Also, why is the new City Manager (who lives in Absecon) making $150K? He isn’t a primary homeowner. How is that OK?

    There will be consequences sooner than you think.


    A second homeowner (who has spent the last 2 years living here full time).

    1. The American Legion party used to have a more offensive name. Remember the year of the F.O.O.T party? (F’in Out Of Towners)

      I remember there were even FOOT stickers on cars.

      What a welcoming site to those coming over the bridge and supporting the businesses on the island.

  2. Shoobie Tuesday is very offensive. I’ve owned here for 34 years. Just retired. I don’t like all the changes. But this one should.

    The shoobies support your schools and the town.

    Not very nice

    1. I love shoobies ( was honored to be one a long time ago) and love shoobie Tues.
      lighten up people. life is too short to worry about this fun event
      go legion! keep it going!

  3. The whole purpose of Shoobie Tuesday is the relief of the traffic, parking, visitors , and so many small things that over crowding our rather small island endures..
    As to voting, no where in the United States is a person allowed to vote in two poling places. As to you with a house on the island, your taxes go toward police and fire response time, making the streets and sidewalks maintained and safe..
    I personally had a medical emergency and the police responded within one minute and the medical team within 2 1/2 minutes. Not bad for the taxes I pay.

    1. Bill –

      Not true. You are confusing General (federal and state elections) with local elections. It is becoming increasingly more common for second homeowners to be given the right to vote in local elections where their second home is located. The premise being that second homeowners pay real estate taxes which fund the local government, municipal services and schools. (One such example is Rehoboth, Delaware.) All it takes is a group of second homeowners to join together to make it happen.

      By the way, I happen to think that the police, fire and municipal workers – including those service the streets, water, and electric in Brigantine are awesome. I have had nothing but good experiences with all of them.

      I am talking about the corruption, nepotism, and incompetence of those at the top – which are all white, heterosexual, mostly republican, and sometimes bigoted, MEN. Why aren’t women involved in the the local government? Are they not allowed? Or maybe they are afraid of upsetting the MEN at the top.

      For any second homeowners reading this who are interested in having a say about how and where their tax dollars are being spent, see the article in the link below.

  4. When I came here in 1984, the innocence of the island and the rental properties whee affordable.

    Being a single working mother, Brigantine was a great place to raise my child. The island has however changed.

    Huge mansions built and sold took up every nook and cranny of the island where I made it my home.

    Who decided this? Who allowed developers to build like this? Ruining the island.

    Islanders and myself enjoyed the quaint secure island the Brigantine PD and EMS and FD kept safe thank You.

    Senior citizens are being put out of the community, causing higher rents. Families barely able to survive bc of the sellout of “bigger is better” and more taxes being paid to the City of Brigantine

    We were much better off without expensive mansions and invasion of rich who cause chaos during summer months.

    Dangerous ppl speed and ride up your bumpers causing more dangerous situations. We never had these problems until these mansions and those who built them and all the ppl gov benefited

    Return Brigantine back to its innocence.

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