Tim Reed

Brigantine Council Meeting Videos Deleted. Info Blackouts.

Let’s keep Brigantine 2nd homeowners in the dark. It certainly seems that way. WATCH VIDEO. “You can DVR it”, says the snickering Simpson, obviously not caring that 75% of taxpayers don’t have access to the local signal. It’s well noted that U-stream used to record & archive every meeting. It worked

Brigantine Police Chief Retirement Payout, Thanks to OPRA Request

Can Brigantine really afford these rich, public employee contracts? That’s the question on everyone’s mind as the Police Chief revolving door cranked out another big pay day. After less than 2 years in that position, Tim Reed has announced he will retire. Ask and you shall receive. We appreciate the

Brigantine Police & Fire Chiefs: In & Out Under 2 years for Cash

Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther, is OK with stuff like this. After 2 years (barely) of service…Brigantine Police Chief Reed & Fire Chief Weidner are reportedly retiring before mid-Summer. These reports are coming directly from trusted sources within Brigantine City Hall. Why so hush hush? Many suggest that these early exits

Brigantine Beachcomber’s Feely Escapes Police Chief Reed Harrassment

Michael Feely, a well-known writer for the Beachcomber News has decided to move away from Brigantine. Why? Evidence suggests that Feely was unfairly attacked & harassed for not ‘playing along’ with highly questionable Brigantine politics. Feely is an independent journalist and has an outstanding track record of community involvement in

Harmful Business Busting Goes Digital on Brigantine Beach

For almost two years, the now defunct BB-NJ.com Business Directory was yet another example of taxpayer supported disruption of local retail. (see images below) The BB-NJ.com web-based directory of small business was developed, hosted, maintained and managed by Brigantine Police Officer, now Chief of Police; Tim Reed. City Council may

Lisa McClay Brigantine Corruption

Brigantine Police Chief Disrupts City Council Video On-Demand

Brigantine City Manager Ed Stinson & Brigantine Police Chief, Tim Reed were on the digital hot seat this week. Are they unwittingly part of a plan to keep 2nd homeowners in the dark about City Council decisions? The Brigantine City Council meeting of SEPT 17, 2015 revealed that access for


Brigantine Police Chief, Mayor & City Council Say NO to Beach Festival.

A promising, new beach festival designed to grow the local economy was cancelled recently due to delays from the Brigantine Police Chief and City Council. That’s according to festival organizer Michael Feely. The Brigantine Blues Foundation was planning a spectacular ‘Brigantine Blues, Brews & BBQ’ festival for Saturday, Sept. 19 on

Online Broadcast of Brigantine City Council Unplugged

WATCH LIVE ONLINE? The Brigantine City Council suffered another ‘glitch’ on Wed DEC 3rd, as the Internet broadcast of the scheduled meeting was ‘unavailable’. This latest breakdown of city communications has part-time residents in an uproar. Phone lines to City Hall were swamped with callers looking for their council-cast. City