Dangerous Valet Station at Circle Angers Local Residents

VIDEO > Brigantiner voters enjoyed free food & drink at THE COVE recently… courtesy of Mayor Phil Guenther, Andy Simpson and the entire GOP team.

Developer Mike Snyder provided the free but dangerous parking & shuttle service between The Cove and his new properties at the Lighthouse Circle.

Built atop the old Gulf gas station, Snyder’s new construction at the circle was a crazy and super-dangerous place to set up valet station. Traffic is a nightmare in that location.

This valet station was also on a county road. It certainly provided an excellent opportunity to have people spend time inside Snyder’s new construction that’s having a bit of a tough time being sold.

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4 thoughts on “Dangerous Valet Station at Circle Angers Local Residents”

  1. GOJIT (Got Out Just In Time)

    The most obvious questions of all questions is:

    1 – Why do the permanent residents keep voting jackals into office?
    2 – Are the permanent residents plain stupid, or are they all benefiting from the trough of corruption/mismanagement largess?
    3 – Do they think this can go on forever, or do they think that as long as the 70% of second home suckers are stuck they have perpetual “welfare benefits?”

  2. So…….Mike Snyder’s new construction is having a tough time being sold! With all the beautiful new homes all over the island for sale, why would anyone want to live on
    that circle? There are plenty of waterfront properties to choose from. It’s a business district. It should have been developed for new business’s like a good seafood restaurant
    on the water. But brigantine isn’t exactly pro business.

  3. Are these homes on the circle…. why council wants that gas station…. that’s always busy and offers FREE air… being harassed to move?

    It is all who you know.

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