To Editor: Golf Course Owned by Taxpayers, Not Insiders.

To the Editor from Richard Ramil….

I’ve been a full-time resident for the past 3½ years and consider myself to be politically independent. I have my own opinion on each issue and never rely on party politics. That being said, last week’s letter titled “New resolution is essentially a gag order” was another of the rants I continue to read in the local papers, and hear in some of the council meetings I’ve attended.

It was clear to me that people were coached to speak up at these meetings to push forward pointed political views. These meetings seem to go on forever, with the same idea being reviewed over and over. So I see no problem limiting the time a person can use to share their opinions.

The person used words like “partisan vote,” “freedom of speech,” “muzzle” and “intimidation” to give her opinion. These words really apply to the last 50 years of Brigantine City government and not necessarily the last two years under a new and more responsive council. This person talks about taxes being raised by the current city government.

The right question to be asked and answered is:

Under which party’s leadership was the salary structure allowed to get so out of fiscal reality?

I’ve yet to hear an apology from the responsible political party for their governance in this area.

Lastly, I’m tired of hearing about the golf course and how things should not be changed.

Certain people on this island forget this golf course is owned by the taxpayers, not some special interest group.

City government’s responsibility is to do everything possible to insulate taxpayers from losses or unnecessary expenditures.

The current city council, with some exceptions, is being proactive investigating all avenues seeking a solution to this financial problem. As a taxpayer I’m hoping they are successful. I don’t play golf, but think it’s nice that this island offers this activity. It’s a shame the opposition can’t get behind these efforts, or offer real solutions to the Brigantine taxpayers.

Richard Ramil

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2 thoughts on “To Editor: Golf Course Owned by Taxpayers, Not Insiders.”

  1. John W. Pucci Sr.

    Richard, I appreciate seeing independent comments.

    The meetings going on forever is not caused by each member of the public speaking 5 minutes. Each and every resident has a right to speak 5 minutes. The long meetings are caused by members of council arguing with themselves, council not being informed properly by the city manager, and the agenda not being on the website for the public to view until the day of the meeting.

    The 5 minute time limit for a member of the public to speak did not change.

    What was changed by the Democrats was the elimination of any conversation between the public and Elected Officials during a public meeting. You ask your questions and then sit down, then they may or not respond.

    What if they didn’t understand your question, or forgot your question, or gave an insufficient answer? There is no allowance for additional dialog before they vote. Some Democratic council members have approached me after the meeting to discuss and answer my questions. I just don’t understand why they don’t want to communicate in front of all the residents.

    I am an Independent, having the highest priority being the right to discuss public issues with my elected officials in front of the public at our public meetings. All other issues will take their course.

  2. To Mr. Ramil, who claims to be independent. Your new member of your party on the council look at the golf course as you do as a “problem”,instead of an opportunity. .I question their business acumen since they cant even negotiate a contract for ice cream on the beach. which costs us tens of thousands of dollars.

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