Links at Brigantine Golf Course Preps for Even Worse 2016.

The Brigantine Links Golf Course was on the verge of rebound & revitalization with Golf Management expert Ron Jaworski at the table. Our course was minutes from helping to boost local Real Estate values and Brigantine tourism.

Indeed, Ron Jaworski Golf was quite interested in turning around our money losing, insanely mis-managed golf course. It wasn’t the most attractive deal offered by Jaws, but it’s 1000% better than what Brigantine Taxpayers are saddled with now. See stealth RFP 2016 Food and Beverage Contract at Brigantine Links Golf

To date, City Manager Ed Stinson will not release Brigantine Links Golf Course Financials for 2015. They should be shared on a monthly basis at City Council meetings. It’s also still unknown if Mike ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan was legally qualified to use the municipal concessionaire liquor licence. Those important documents were not released to the public.

Even Councilperson Lisa McClay has no interest in attaining Brigantine Links Golf Course documents for what they might expose on her watch.

If you recall, public employees went into a tizzy upon hearing that the Links Golf Course could be managed by one of the most respected guys in the business; Ron Jaworski. (recently expanded his golf portfolio)

Fear of losing free or low cost Brigantine Links Golf rounds was too painful to bare. Treating the course like their personal back-yard would end. Gone would be the days of sloppy accounting and non-compliant inventory practices as well.

No longer would $9,000 be sent monthly to Meadowbrook Golf and Ron E. Jackson in Florida for services unknown.

Indeed, insiders loyal to the GOP ruling class of Brigantine knew Jaworski would immediately do a full audit of operations, inventory and finance. No way they could let that happen. It would surely uncover nasty, potentially criminal activity that could put the final nail in the coffin of Greenhead Politics.

To strengthen the case for ditching Jaworski, Mayor Guenther and Councilman Simpson called on the services of financial wizard and Brigantine resident; Steve Cordasco. The well-known Mr. Cardasco suggested that the Jaworski bid might not be solid, trustworthy and financially transparent. Really.

Cordasco also claims in the video below, that ‘Brigantine’s books are wide open’. All we can say is…..we absolutely want some of what Cordasco’s smoking……  WATCH VIDEO >

In case you missed it, Brigantine sent out an RFP for someone to manage the Food & Bev at the Links clubhouse. Yeah. We missed it too. Properly posted in the legal notices? Must be a glitch.

According to reports, it looks like Mike ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan could be the lone bidder. Sweet. We are told that Mad Dog was the only one to attend the mandatory walk-thru too. Wow. Good for him.

In towns where sanity and ethics are common, something like this could be seen as bid-rigging.

Bid rigging is a form of fraud in which a commercial contract is promised to one party even though for the sake of appearance several other parties also present a bid. This form of collusion is illegal in most countries.

With Taxpayers of Brigantine footing the bill for all utilities including cable & WIFI….. the piddly $1,500 minimum monthly bid will surely be a superior investment for this former Brigantine public employee and football coach.

You may want to grab a coffee with your local Real Estate agent. Ask them if this kind of monkey business affects Brigantine home values.

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From Jan. 17, 2016

RFP for Brigantine Links Food and Beverage Concession

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6 thoughts on “Links at Brigantine Golf Course Preps for Even Worse 2016.”

  1. You actually think it could be worse than the clowns running the show now?

    You sound naïve… like a six year old…wake up

  2. Has Lisa McClay ever spoken at a Council Meeting? I’ve been watching the meetings for the last nine months and I’ ve yet to hear her utter a word……..She really seems to be a thorn in the side of the Republicans………….they seem to fear her……

    What is her role in this cluster f. ….

  3. All BASHING as usual with no positive ideas…typical negative press. Let’s clear a few things up:

    1. Jaws, yea he is a football guy…just bc his name is on Jaworski golf, just as Trump is on a few golf courses, DOES NOT mean he is quality…or a lock choice for that matter.

    2. Mad Dog’s is not to blame for the city council not following proper procedures…just bc they were the only walkthrough, on a monsoon of a day last year fyi, is not their fault. They did what they were told and now everyone knows their bid, in addition to the fact that now a F&B contract will not be awarded to ANYONE until at least mid May at the earliest now…aka a vacant wasteland will sit there for two months…

    3. When did Jim Fraser become the expert voice of how to manage a course?

    4. ACIA is a cheap, effective, strictly run management group that already trimmed fat day 1 off payroll, and cleaned up the books to make the course run as optimally efficient as possible.

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