School Districts Demand Guenther and ACIT Cease Expansion Plans.

Fair to Sending Districts?

Atlantic County Institute of Technology, ACIT, causing an uproar again. Sending school districts not happy with Superintendent Phil Guenther’s plans to expand the ACIT with little input from surrounding districts.

The Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District wants Guenther and ACIT to “immediately cease” plans to expand.

ACIT Superintendent Phil Guenther is accused of pushing expansion plans without adequate input from the community.

Superintendent ACIT Phil Guenther running for NJ Assembly. Brigantine Greenhead Politics.
Phil Guenther

Recently, Phil Guenther was forced out of his position as the Mayor of Brigantine for 27 years.

Guenther, a former Brigantine Mayor, accused of ignoring financial impact on Atlantic County school districts.

For years, Guenther has ignored pleas to go slow with expansion. Guenther had similar problems with the Brigantine School district. Small businesses were shut down due to Guenther’s effort to artificially expand the Brigantine school district.

Guenther under attack for refusal to admit 10th & 11th graders into ACIT vocational programs.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, Greater Egg argues that ACIT has never discussed plans for enrollment with sending districts or backed up its plans with data on need or financial impact on such expansion.

Guenther is running for NJ Assembly. Observers note that Guenther is polling poorly in his quest for a NJ Assembly seat this November. Guenther’s lack of real world experience could drag down running mate, County Exec Dennis Levenson.

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