Letter to Editor: We’re Watching Ed Stinson, Brigantine City Hall

Ed Stinson Brigantine
City Manager Stinson & Mayor Guenther

329 Brigantine city employees in 2016 compared to 311 in 2015. Who is our Director of Human Resources? Did the City of Brigantine seek out a candidate who is knowledgeable and educated in Personal leadership and maintaining and expanding a non biased Human Resource dept?

Surely, our Brigantine City Manager; Ed Stinson, should know the importance of having a qualified Human Resource Director.

A qualified HR Director who would favor friends or family with a select political party. Note: Brigantine does not have a Human Resource/Personal dept. listed on our City’s Web page.

How do people apply for these jobs? The days of hand picking friends and family cannot be tolerated by our current City Manager. Lawsuits are sure to happen.

This city needs to employ staff by providing an equal opportunity to all regardless of race, religion, color, sex, or political affiliation. Who is the expertise in our non- existent Personal/ Human Resource department? How are summer positions being posted and filled?

Where were the additional 18 jobs in Brigantine from 2015 to 2016 advertised? This would ensure that the most efficient and appropriate candidate would be hired.

It’s been noted that a full time Secretary from the Middle School- (friends with City workers and some Council members) is now employed by the City. Where and when was this city position posted or advertised?

Million dollar lawsuits come about when people are discriminated against. In this tight economic climate, people are watching and observing who is being hired by our city.

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2 thoughts on “Letter to Editor: We’re Watching Ed Stinson, Brigantine City Hall”

  1. Elizabeth Higgins

    I am a retired HR Director; all federal government jobs must be advertised on usajobs.gov – it would be a good idea for Brigantine to advertise their positions there also.

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