Stripers Heat Up Offshore in Brigantine As Surf Fishing Lags

Danica Zgalich

Andy Grossman from RipTide Bait and Tackle in Brigantine reports a school of stripers just moved into Brigantine waters. About 2 miles offshore of Brigantine’s North End. A nice 25 lb striper was caught by Danica Zgalich, while fishing with her father, Paul.

Stripers not so active in the surf. That’s likely due to regular dredging and beach replenishment, according to Bucktail Willie on the recent ‘Shep on Fishing’ radio show, Nov 24, 2018.

Wanna find striped bass? Gotta go offshore. Consider the FISHFINDER party boat, or a private charter.

Shep on Fishing SHOW NOTES. Nov 24, 2018

Robin Scott of Margate: The # 1 industry in New Jersey is tourism. People come here for water. We’re surrounded by it.Why not more focus on fishing and water?

South Jersey beaches are becoming sterile and barren. DEP & Army Corp are destroying the offshore lumps. This affects offshore migration of fish.

Just one of the reasons why stripers (when they get to South Jersey) they’re often 10 miles offshore in federal waters.

Robin Scott: The sand being dredged off our coast is being sent to other countries for concrete production. Our sand is highly desirable.

Immortality fish, aka throwbacks. We’re throwing them back. Upwards of 30% are dying. They’re dropping to the bottom because they don’t float. Flounder has no swim bladder. They go right down.

The bay bottom is tiled with flounder. We should be able to catch 1 or 2 flounder in the 16 or 17 inch range.

  • A sterile lifeless environment. Why no environmental impact study being done?
  • The dredged sand is killing inshore waters & grass beds.
  • You can’t fish in federal waters. 3 miles out and beyond.

Bill Shillingford: Shouldn’t we be pressuring the DEP to better manage the Army Corps? The politicians always say they’re trying to protect the houses on the beach. There’s no proof that dunes or replenishment is protecting homes. The problem is not enough pressure on the politicians

Public comment meeting on Monday, 6p. Manahawkin City Hall. Discussion of Flounder, Black Sea Bass and Scup rules for 2019 season.

  • North Jersey needs later season
  • South Jersey needs earlier season, starting in APRIL.
  • Jersey needs to be cut in half, North & South. Gotta split the state.
  • Delaware has 365 season for flounder

Back in 1984, keeper sizes were at 13 inches. You could take 10 fish home.

Brigantine Stripers Fishing
Justin Bewley & crew landed this 42 lb 3 oz striper not far off the surf in Brigantine 11.24.18

RipTide Bait and Tackle in Brigantine

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