Updating Master Plan of Brigantine

An information session about the future of Brigantine was held recently.

The gathering was to help kick-start the process of updating the ‘Master Plan’ of Brigantine.

The city wanted to gather input from the public on what’s wrong with the island, and how it can be fixed. There was little or no effort to reach 2nd homeowners and part-time residents.

Consultants asked attendees to fill out a paper survey. Online questionnaires, which would have been helpful in gauging 2nd homeowner interest….were not permitted by Mayor Guenther or City Manager Stinson.

Attendee feedback was encouraged regarding:

  • Central business district
  • What retail business are desired
  • Poor city planning at the Lighthouse Circle
  • Building on top of old gas station at Circle
  • 4×4 damage to dunes and beaches
  • Lack of recreation & attractions
  • Shuffleboard courts, bike lanes, family fun
  • No short term places to stay
  • Decline and/or lack of visitors
  • Too many vacant retail shops
  • The declining Brigantine Golf Links.
  • Why people go off island to shop & eat

By law, master plans should be updated, at least, every 10 years. Brigantine hasn’t updated it’s master plan for 15 years.

The second open house will be held later this summer. A final report will be shared in November.


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3 thoughts on “Updating Master Plan of Brigantine”

  1. Not surprised part time residents and second homeowners were not contacted. As if they don’t exist. But, I would like to know what position Brigantine would be in if those folks weren’t paying taxes as full time residents.

    No respect is given to the second homeowners….none!

    1. If 2nd HomeOwners are included in information gathering- the corruption will be addressed. WHY would this group of Over-Lords and “takers” want to give up that power? I tried to bring issues to light (with comparable data presented in writing at meeting several years ago) and my extensive report was ignored.

  2. That is a shame. I know of several people who have significant experience with master planning and development of some of the most notable commercial and residential developments in the Philadelphia region and are also second homeowners in Brigantine. Their input based on first hand knowledge and experience would be extremely valuable to the city. Hopefully the elected officials will take the time to better publicize the second open house. Building better communities is in their DNA. If we engage those people, we will all benefit and we can build a better Brigantine.

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