Will Brigantine Change Form of Government?

Will Brigantine go back to a three-member commission form of government? If the group “Respectable Brigantine” gathers enough voter signatures – about 1,400 – the referendum could appear on a ballot.

Vince Sera, spokesman for the group, said ‘we already have 500 signatures. Our goal is 1,700.’ Sera said the group is non-partisan.

Sera would like to see a ‘commission’ form of government, where three members would each look over various city departments. Sera also wants to ditch the ward system. “We want elected leaders to be accountable to all voters, no matter where they live.”

Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther said he signed the petition because he “believes it could reduce the gridlock”.

Guenther also points to commissions in Margate and Ventnor. They also have small year-round populations. Sera wants to give Brigantine residents another option. “If people want this change, we’ll make it happen now”.

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3 thoughts on “Will Brigantine Change Form of Government?”

  1. This group is attacking our Mayor, Philip Guenther, who has been in office for over 20 years as Mayor, ever since the Council-Manager form of government was voted on in 1989. If the four people behind this group think that he is doing such a horrible job then they should do a Recall Petition to remove him. Changing the whole form of government for the sins of one person is going to cost lots of money. I have not always agreed with Mayor Guenther but it is true that his appointed school board members have a lot to answer for from the Department of Education rankings where Brigantine Schools came in under 30% in 5 of 6 categories and under 70% in the other – failing grades across the board. We all thought the Schools were better than that.

  2. This group is confusing. We have had a Council-Manager form of government for over 20 years and for every one of those years Philip Guenther has been the Mayor. If this group is right, isn’t the problem Philip Guenther and not the form of government? After all, he selected everyone of the Board of Education and when the State School Rankings came out, Brigantine Schools failed in every category! In 5 out of 6 categories, the schools did not even get over 30%. This is a dismal failure. Why aren’t they calling for a Recall of Mayor Philip Guenther? The problem is not the form of government, it is the person leading it!

  3. Public Safety Supporter

    Why NOT let the people choose? They chose back in 1989 or so. We were given the option to vote on the new Civic Center so many people objected to, but majority ruled and we will be in debt AGAIN for years. Give it a try I say

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