Real Estate is what makes Brigantine tick. Not tourism. Not Atlantic City gaming….but Real Estate. The intersection of Real Estate and Politics in Brigantine often gets messy, especially when a local land grab is starting to heat up.

A little history lesson…..

Brigantine Mayor Resigns In Wake Of Election Results

By David Johnston and Mike Schurman, Special to The Inquirer
POSTED: December 07, 1989


Former Brigantine Mayor Kline came under intense criticism in the summer for a deal in which the city was to borrow $1.5 million to buy a piece of waterfront land from former Mayor John A. Rogge, who twice before had tried to sell the land to developers for far less money. The city later withdrew from the deal.

he City of Brigantine, especially past leadership, had no rhyme or reason as to it’s zoning & commercial development plans. This is not about “fumo vs snyder.” Rather, it’s about poor city planning & lack of solid commercial development and tourism strategy. Placing a 2nd CVS right in the middle of the Lighthouse district is just one glaring example of short-sighted moves by those in charge at that time (2008-2011). Ask Mike Brennan. He was part of the “mixed use committee”, charged with looking at potential mixed use of that prime area. He was kept in the dark, while council members moved quietly to put a 2nd & unneeded CVS into that Lighthouse area.

“I like owning a bank – everyone should own one,” current owner Doug Keefe said of the structure that currently houses his coins and collectibles business. “It suits my needs perfectly, but (CVS) made an offer I couldn’t refuse. Doug Keefe

Brigantine Builder Slams Democrat Business Plan

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